Harper & Lunn Lied to Parliament

In email conversation with a US writer, I have learned the following regarding the Chalk River/AECL scandal:

…several nuclear medicine specialists, including the head of the nuclear medicine department at Yale, repeatedly cautioned me against writing that this was as a matter of life or death. They were, in fact, very critical of stories that made that claim. Isotopes supplies, particularly from Belgium, continued to be available. Although they were more costly. The specialists also noted that many, arguably most, of the large number of diagnostic tests they perform made using the isotopes do not involve critical medical conditions and that there are often alternative techniques and technologies available.

And furthermore, where are the hordes of letters that Lunn received from Canadian doctors?

I had a daydream the other day about the Leaders of the parties in Opposition getting it together and walking over to the Governor General’s shack and asking her to dissolve Parliament on the grounds that the Prime Minister deliberately mislead Parliament.  Is that possible?

9 thoughts on “Harper & Lunn Lied to Parliament

  1. I believe that South Africa is a source of these isotopes as well.

    Indeed they are somewhat more expensive, but still available.

  2. To answer your last question with a question, when is the next opposition day? Because I believe that would be the first opportunity for an opposition party to put forward a motion stating that the government has lost the confidence of the house.

  3. Most of the time the government controls the agenda. But on designated “opposition days” the opposition parties can put forward their own motions and that’s their opportunity to move non-confidence. Otherwise they have to wait for a money bill or for something else that the government itself designates as a confidence vote. And with the economy now showing signs of serious flu, I don’t think Harper is in as much of a hurry for an election as he seemed to be in the fall.

  4. They had the Speech from the Throne in October to open this session of parliament (after Harper prorogued the previous session and put off sitting until October instead of the scheduled September resumption).

    Yes, the Throne Speech is a confidence vote which is why the Liberals abstained. They weren’t ready to bring the government down.

  5. Whooee! I think the Libs have to stop abstaining soon. They’re looking weak and completely ineffectual. The budget is to be presented at the end of March. I think that will trigger the election if something else doesn’t happen first. The manufactured nature of the isotope crisis is going to come out. When it does, Harper and Lunn’s lies to Parliament will be all too apparent and the fact that they used cancer patients as pawns will not sit well with voters.


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