Corrected/Updated: Danger! Danger!

Who to trust?

Minister Lunn to the Parliamentary Committee: January 17th, 2008

“The extended shutdown of the reactor threatened a national and international health crisis,” Mr. Lunn told the Commons Natural Resources committee. “If we had not acted, people would invariably have died.”

International Herald Tribune: January 16, 2008

“While the shortage of isotopes was unquestionably disruptive for the medical community and patients, the extent of the danger it posed to health was never entirely clear as there are alternatives to many of the procedures that require them. More expensive and limited supplies of isotopes also remained available from reactors in Belgium and South Africa for urgent treatments.”


Danger Gary Lunn

ETA: Afterthought: Is it significant that there has been financial movement in the medical imaging industry?

ETA2:  Correct source quote.  And you just hafta love that Radio-Active Minister poster, don’t you?

ETA3: The CBC’s As It Happens is on the case, circling round and round, ever so carefully…

8 thoughts on “Corrected/Updated: Danger! Danger!

  1. This is about two things.

    The first is about a general control freak operation by the Prime Minster.

    Linda Keen got in the way. I’m sure someone in PMO is removing her image from photograhps. With Photoshop, it’s much easier than it was in Stalin’s times.

    The second is to establish a regulatory framework favouring the privatization of AECL.

    Neutering the regulator should make finding a willing buyer easier. It lowers the financial risk.

  2. Whooee! I think Harper’s transparency is showing. The MSM is starting to look into the backstory. The general public is seeing the danger in politicians overseeing nuke safety. When our own media quits buying the “crisis” line and gets it like the NYT already gets it, there’ll be some ‘splainin’ to do. Elizabeth May was asking why they weren’t using alternative Belgian supplies way back around Dec 11. Smarter than your average MP, 100% of whom bought the phony “crisis” hook, line and sinker.


  3. Thanks, Berlynn. FWIW, I’m actually glad itr was a wrong link as opposed to a deletion at NYT. Before checking the NYT, I had attempted to post that quote on a G&M comments thread. The semi-moderator didn’t allow it. Perhaps, they checked for accuracy or maybe they just didn’t want a link to NYT on G&M. Anyway, it’s good to see at least one MSM source acknowledging the existence of alternate supplies.

  4. I have heard that Linda Keen was purged because she got in the way of Privatizing the ACEL. Why won’t she give her side in to the committee. Shouldn’t our opposition MP’s demand she receive whistle blower protection? Isn’t there whistle blower protection legislation in place to protect civil servents like herself? We need answers! We should be demanding answers! Why isn’t the media asking these questions?

  5. “Why isn’t the media asking these questions?”

    They may eventually get around to it. Bloggers have been talking about a manufactured crisis for about a month. The MSM just started exploring that avenue in the past couple days.

    It is quite likely that Linda Keen did not testify on the advice of her lawyer. She has a good case against the GoC. I wish she’d appeared at the committee but I also want her to get a fair shot at suing these dictators.


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