Scrap AECL!

From Gordon Edwards, following all the kerfluffle on the Chalk River scandal and the recent AECL announcement to abandon the MAPLE reactors (see below). > From: Gordon Edwards > Date: May 16, 2008 10:37:21 AM GMT-06:00 > To: Gordon Edwards … Continue reading

Olympics Sponsor Wants Nuclear Outlaw, AECL

The folks at Native Unity share their grave concerns about the use of weapons grade uranium at the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) facility at Chalk River, Ontario, citing a noted Canadian no nukes activist. Gordon Edwards, of the … Continue reading

Biz4Sale: AECL

I don't recall the Harper campaigning on the sale of AECL to a private investor. Nuclear titan eyes Candu Buyout under discussion, sources say Areva interested in our reactor business Jun. 21, 2006. 05:10 AM TYLER HAMILTON BUSINESS REPORTER France's … Continue reading

More Nuke News

Not a lot of people liking President O’s greenwashing of nukes.  This most excellent article in the Guardian dispels the myth that nukes are green. The argument that nuclear is “carbon-free” conveniently omits the entire process of mining uranium, which … Continue reading

A stream of nuke news

Grab a coffee or tea.  Find a snack.  Lots of linky news today so this could take a while! First up:  A Calgary nuke company, Kirrin Resources, is not going to expand its exploration for uranium in Quebec.  That’s good … Continue reading