Canadians not ready to go nuclear

A new Angus Reid poll shows that the majority of Canadians are not ready for increased nuclear activity, particularly those who are younger:

[R]espondents aged 18 to 34 are not so keen on Canada building new nuclear reactors (40%
want them, compared to over half of older respondents). Younger Canadians are also more likely than others to urge the government to focus on developing alternative sources of energy (49% agree with this view, compared to less than 39% for Canadians 35 and older).

Though 50 per cent of all those responding favour building more nuclear power stations in Canada a mere 19 per cent “express strong support” which suggests there may be a tug-of-war about wanting to do something about global warming and the climate change crisis, but fearing the unproven and deadly nuclear technology.

I’m not surprised that men like nukes more than women:

Male respondents (56%) are also more prone to believe that Canada should increase its nuclear industry than females (29%). Men are less worried than women about all the risks posed by nuclear power.

Safety concerns are huge:

At least three-in-four worry about nuclear waste management and health risks for communities living close to a reactor

The vast majority of respondents have reservations about the risks that nuclear energy might pose.

And so they should.  So. They.  Should.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Mario Canseco, Director of Global Studies, 604-647-3570,


Dillman & Nickerson in Regina

Donna Dillman, the Ontario grandmother who staged a 68-day hunger strike last fall, is traveling across Canada with her partner, Mike Nickerson, to promote his new book, Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if we want to stay. They were in Regina last night. More than fifty gathered to discuss the “nuclear issue” and what we can do about it. The unedited, 108 minute MP3 audio file is here.


From Saskatchewan’s Green Party, whose policies outflank those of the federal Green Party by leaps and bounds!


For Release: Saskatoon, Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bruce Power announced they will begin conducting a feasibility study for the development of a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan, stating nuclear power is clean, affordable, and reliable. On the same day, Atomic Energy Canada Ltd. addressed the Regina Chamber of Commerce promoting nuclear energy.

At a time when the Saskatchewan Party Government proclaims at every opportunity Saskatchewan is “Open for Business”, the Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) questions whether nuclear is clean, affordable and Saskatchewan’s only option to conserve power consumption and diversify its energy sources. The GPS wants to ensure that a healthy debate on all alternative energy sources ensues before any nuclear project is considered.

“Bruce Power has proven in the past their projects are neither affordable nor reliable,” says Amber Jones, leader of the GPS, referring to the 2003-2004 nuclear plant refurbishments that saw cost overruns of 130% in Ontario. “I’m curious as to why the Sask Party wishes to be associated with an industry that nearly bankrupted the province of Ontario? Does Brad Wall want Saskatchewan residents to have to pay the same “fee” that all Ontario residents have to pay on their power bills?” asks Jones.

Duncan Hawthorne, President and CEO of Bruce Power, stated on John Gormley Live today the need to increase Saskatchewan’s power production from 3500 to 4500 megawatts for a province of 1 million people and little population growth in 20 years. Hawthorne then went on to suggest that a Bruce Power nuclear plant could service Alberta and the USA.

The GPS is calling for the government to complete an environmental impact assessment that studies the effects of nuclear power production from beginning to end, considering the effects of mining, processing, reacting, and waste disposal. They are also calling for the government to consult with all stake-holders that will be involved in any proposed development.

“We don’t have a problem with Bruce Power completing a feasibility study in our province, or AECL promoting nuclear power to the Regina Chamber of Commerce at the same time, but we do have a problem with the Sask Party sitting by – giving the silent nod of approval to nuclear but offering Saskatchewan residents no plan or insight into changing environmental demands.” Jones said, referring to the silent presence of Minister Ken Cheveldayoff at Bruce Power’s press conference. “Where is the study about the feasibility of all large-scale or small-scale renewable energy projects in the province?”

The GPS is also opposed to the development of nuclear power in Saskatchewan due to production of long term radioactive waste that cannot be disposed of, and that might end up in weapons.


For More Information:

Amber Jones – Leader, GPS

Kelly Patrick – President, GPS

Mohawk Grandmothers Attacked at Canada-US Border Crossing

From the Inbox via Canadians for Aboriginal Justice on Facebook


Monday, June 16, 2008

Mohawk Elder and Grandmother, Kahentinetha Horn suffered a heart attack, Saturday, June 14, 2008 during a vicious, unprovoked assault by OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) and border agents at Cornwall, in Akwesasne community. She had been beaten and handcuffed when she collapsed. Earlier when she was pulled over, Kahentinetha immediately contacted her brother, a lawyer, on her cellphone. The entire incident was being filmed as her brother rushed to the scene just in time to call an ambulance for her.

Meanwhile, Elder and Grandmother Katenies of Akwesasne was beaten and taken prisoner to an as yet undisclosed location. We are very concerned about her safety. We demand to know of her whereabouts and that she be released immediately.

A few months ago, Julian Fantino put out the word, warning Kahentinetha not to set foot in Ontario or else… She is the publisher of MNN (Mohawk Native News) and regular internet reports that are very critical of police and government actions toward Indigenous people. Her articles often clearly state the legalities/realities of the situation that Canada is a corporation
plundering unceded Turtle Island. The land and resources belong to the
Ongwehoneh people. Canada’s huge debt to us will bankrupt them forever.

The other day, while Stephen Harper was making a public apology to
Indigenous for the crimes of the residential schools, he was also
preparing to send the army in at 6 nations. Brantford city mayor has
requested it, stating his city police cannot handle another ‘Mohawk
uprising’, in other words, peaceful protests against housing development where non resident, nonNatives attack the protesters while the police watch. The Ontario Conservatives call for military intervention every day.

On Saturday, border agents were pulling over every Native person.
Kahentinetha and Katenies were traveling in Akwesasne in the course of
their regular activities and were caught up in the dragnet. Did Fantino
set up a trap for the two outspoken, Mohawk grandmothers? We suspect that Kahentinetha would have been killed at a secret location had she not had a heart attack and been taken to hospital.

Immediately following this incident, many Mohawks and supporters started to gather at Akwesasne. Kahentinetha and Katenies’ attackers want them to accept being Canadian or else they will kill them and anyone else who resists colonization. This low level warfare is playing out on the ‘border’ between Canada and the US, an imaginary line drawn right through the Mohawk community of Akwesasne and through Haudenosaunee territory which is a vast area on BOTH sides of the Great Lakes.

This Great Lakes area is also a proposed center for the New World Order. Many
military plans are underway including nuclear submarines in the Great
Lakes and JTF2, Aerospace Warfare Center and NATO FOB (Forward Operating Base) at a new base being built at Trenton, near Tyendinaga Mohawk community. Tyendinaga was attacked by OPP/SWAT in April when Mohawks protested housing development there.

If Canadians are so damned sorry about the abuse of Native people, why is this still happening? Why do people remain silent when Mohawk elders and grandmothers are attacked like this? We are under constant surveillance and threats and attacks while our land continues to be plundered and pillaged. Was this a failed assassination attempt ordered by Julian Fantino, commissioner of OPP and head of the biggest gang in the area?

We must demand answers and get answers. This attempted genocide must cease. We will never give up.
Call or write to politicians, media, action lists including international.
Get the word out now!!!

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Great Lakes Are Not a Dump!

From the inbox:

[T]his proposal to site a nuclear waste dump on the shores of Lake Huron is a matter of national and international importance, in my view. I know this issue may not be on everyone’s radar, but I ask you to take a few moments, read this information and then go to the web site below and sign the petition.

The project is a proposal by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to construct and operate a deep-geologic disposal facility on the Bruce Nuclear Site, within the municipality of Kincardine, Ontario. The Deep Geologic Repository would be designed to manage all of the radioactive wastes from 20 commercial nuclear power reactors in Ontario ­ with the exception of the irradiated nuclear fuel.

This proposal to build a deep underground dump (DUD) for radioactive wastes on the shoreline of the Great Lakes is unacceptable. Water is the most likely dispersal medium for toxic materials in general, and for radioactive wastes in particular. This is what is being considered at the Bruce nuclear complex on the Canadian side of Lake Huron. The DUD would be located just over one kilometre (less than one mile) from the Lake.

Since the DUD is only 50 miles from Michigan across Lake Huron, leakage of radioactivity from the dump could directly affect tens of millions of residents in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, and contaminate the drinking water in Port Huron, Sarnia, Detroit, Windsor, Toledo, Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo, Toronto and countless other communities downstream. This DUD proposal is not just a Canadian issue, but an international one. In 1986, Canada protested when the U.S. proposed a high-level radioactive waste dump in Vermont because it was too close to the Canadian border; that proposed dump was subsequently cancelled. The Canadian DUD proposal sets a dangerous precedent for the establishment of perpetually hazardous facilities on the Great Lakes, and impacts people on both sides of the border.

For those of you who follow this issue in Saskatchewan, Cameco – the world’s largest uranium mining company – holds a 31.6% share of the four Bruce B reactors in Ontario and have been actively promoting the siting of a high level nuclear waste dump in Saskatchewan’s north.

Documents related to the environmental assessment of this proposal can be downloaded and viewed at

The Great Lakes United Nuclear-Free/Green Energy Task Force is asking that the public comment deadline be extended for six months beyond June 18th. Given the longevity and the unprecedented nature of the hazard that the DUD represents for the entire Great Lakes ecosystem, as well as the minimal outreach to the United States and Native American/First Nations that the Canadian federal government has undertaken, this extension request is reasonable.

The Great Lakes are a national treasure, so please consider taking the time to sign this petition. And pass this along to others who may be interested.

For more information, you can contact:

Kevin Kamps, Great Lakes United Nuclear-Free/Green Energy Task Force –
Gordon Edwards, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility –

Thanks for sending this, Stephanie.