Canadians not ready to go nuclear

A new Angus Reid poll shows that the majority of Canadians are not ready for increased nuclear activity, particularly those who are younger:

[R]espondents aged 18 to 34 are not so keen on Canada building new nuclear reactors (40%
want them, compared to over half of older respondents). Younger Canadians are also more likely than others to urge the government to focus on developing alternative sources of energy (49% agree with this view, compared to less than 39% for Canadians 35 and older).

Though 50 per cent of all those responding favour building more nuclear power stations in Canada a mere 19 per cent “express strong support” which suggests there may be a tug-of-war about wanting to do something about global warming and the climate change crisis, but fearing the unproven and deadly nuclear technology.

I’m not surprised that men like nukes more than women:

Male respondents (56%) are also more prone to believe that Canada should increase its nuclear industry than females (29%). Men are less worried than women about all the risks posed by nuclear power.

Safety concerns are huge:

At least three-in-four worry about nuclear waste management and health risks for communities living close to a reactor

The vast majority of respondents have reservations about the risks that nuclear energy might pose.

And so they should.  So. They.  Should.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Mario Canseco, Director of Global Studies, 604-647-3570,


4 thoughts on “Canadians not ready to go nuclear

  1. I too am not surprised in the stats between men and women. But they’re only further proof that we desperately need equal representation in our political institutions. Men are skewing the ideology which underpins our country!

  2. in these times of rising costs and gas prices it would make much more sense to invest in alternative energy sources. However the high cost and lower output of power from such sources make it simply not worth the bang for the buck, and as is typical of us, money comes first and we can look back on the mistakes later when it is too late

  3. I suppor nuclear power but not nuclear weapons. There is no harm in using the nuclear power as the energy is getting very expensive. But when it comes to nuclear weapon, I agree with Bhuwan Thapaliya, who write this poem againt the nu clear weapons.

    I Don’t Need Your Nuclear Kiss

    Let them say, “You are beautiful,
    you are sexy, and you are hot.”

    But you are for me a cadaver
    clad in a human form
    born to terrorize the human race
    and destroy everything else on Earth.

    You turn the white flowers
    into darker red.

    O’! Life you never are!

    You bite the Earth
    and embrace the engines
    of cancer and tuberculosis.

    O’ you,
    O’ hybrid seed of the end.

    Keep your tongue inside your mouth,
    and don’t show me those cancerous teeth.
    Take your lips far away from me,
    I don’t need your nuclear kiss.

    Don’t try to hug me,
    chemical company — I don’t need.
    Don’t wave your hello to me,
    Good-Bye is all I need.

    Take your legs away from me,
    tango of missiles — I don’t yearn to see.
    Don’t try to seduce me,
    your womb, I shall never fill.

    Please go, go away from me.
    I don’t want to see you
    even in my wildest dreams.

    If you really love me, then please
    do me a small favor, will you?

    Slowly but surely, please phase out,
    then one day, I shall kiss your lips —
    salubrious and sweet.

    Darling! Don’t show me your knees.

    Your race is a race
    against the human progress.

    Tell me one thing, answer me, please!

    What will you gain
    by pointing your toxic tits
    at those who have
    nothing to do with your tits?

    Why don’t you let them stay in peace?
    Why don’t you respect their sovereignty?
    Why do you shatter their dreams?
    Why do you suppress their destiny?

    What will you gain by frightening them,
    Who are already in coma — as near as dead?
    Inflation, unemployment, hunger and violence —
    the chief ingredients.

    No matter how hard you preach
    You cannot justify your anatomy.
    If not today, then tomorrow
    you yourself shall be annihilated, by you.

    You are about war, war and war only;
    you are not about peace at all.
    You are about hate, hate and hate only;
    You are not about kisses at all.

    You are all about the extinction
    of the human race and everything
    they all are associated with.

    You are not about the beginning —
    you are about the end of the Planet Earth.

    If you erupt, then there will be no day.
    The Earth will be enveloped in darkness,
    only interminable nights shall follow.

    East- West- North and South
    Hours- Days- Weeks and Months
    Morning- Noon- Evening and Night,
    shall all be one.

    Temperature will drop and winter shall be
    the only season in the Earth.
    Fire will turn into ice.

    Almost all living thing shall die.
    Rats and cockroaches shall rule the Earth.


    What will you do with your honor?
    What will you do with your pride?

    What will you do with your beauty?
    What will you do with your patriotism?

    When everything transforms into nothingness.
    What will you do?

    O’ you,
    O’ hybrid seed of the end.

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