Still more on the NAFTA Highway

Here’s a loverly little bit out of the USA, pointing out that the NAFTA Highway is a big part of the North American Union that no one in power wants to tell us about and to which the mainstream media in Canada is turning a blind eye.

Thank goodness for the Interweb, eh?

From The New American

In the form of the NASCO SuperCorridor, a transport network is being implemented right under our noses for the purposes of accelerating the movement of goods and people across the Rio Grande and facilitating the creation of a North American Union (NAU), wherein our borders with Mexico and Canada would become as meaningless as our state lines are now. This is well documented in a variety of sources. One of the most comprehensive sources is Building a North American Community, the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force Report about how to create a North American Union, which explains the necessity of this transportation infrastructure for integrating Canada, Mexico, and the United States into a regional government.

High-priority highway corridors — collectively dubbed the “NAFTA Superhighway” by critics — are planned coast to coast and, in Texas, are already under construction. That’s unsettling. But the mischief doesn’t stop there. And this time, the road enjoys better than a king’s protection because it’s being implemented with the active participation and direction of a U.S. president — George W. Bush. But, precisely because President Bush is acting like a king in this matter, trying to impose his will without approval of the people or oversight by Congress, citizen-activists are assembling above and below Texas’ northern border, the legendary Red River, to oppose his plans.

3 thoughts on “Still more on the NAFTA Highway

  1. oh yes, there’s more… on The Amero‘ – The North American Currency

    gee, can we get closer & friendlier with Busheviks?, ‘cuz I know that Americans have always had fond, warm cockles when they think of Canada & ‘Canadian Issues’…


    yeah, gimme more of THAT… BBC’s “God’s Next Army”: Evangelicals in US Gov’t

    Bushevik’s prep for a declaration of Martial Law: White House Issues HSPD 20: “National Continuity Policy”

    Spread Love…
    … but wear the Glove!

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    can be found @
    Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced

  2. As an American, I am pleased to see that there are people in Canada aware of this issue. Hopefully we can restore some sort of decency to our government soon, and stop bothering our neighbors.

  3. Glad to find Americans onside on this issue. North American integration, of which this plan is a huge part, will not be good for the people of North America. It may well be “good for business” and in my experience, that’s never good for me and my family.

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