Inter Pares – Take Back the Day

Inter Pares – Take Back the Day
CELEBRATE Mother’s Day the way her-story intended: with a little peace and justice.

MOTHER’S DAY was born from the dream of a devoted activist and mother who first organized women into public health brigades, and then founded “Mothers Friendship Day” to reconcile communities torn apart by the U.S. Civil War. A few years later, a new “Mothers’ Day for Peace” began with a call for women to unite across national boundaries to end war. For over fifty years, Mother’s Day was about women working together for a better world.


Rabid Anti-Feminist Men, Take 2

There is much I would like to write about rabid anti-feminist men, but I find that my life is too busy right now to detail the ones I’ve encountered just this week. I suppose I could narrow it to just those who consider themselves progressive, but even that would take longer than the time I have.

So, I’ll just pile onto a post by F-email Fightback.

Just over a year ago, P’n’P wrote about a rabid anti-feminist man who was challenging a researcher’s right to name him a rabid anti-feminist man. Well, today I see that our sisters at CUPW have posted a similar story about a man who lost his defamation case against Status of Women Canada and the Minister Responsible.

F-email Fightback has written previously about the British Columbia Supreme Court challenge where Fathers Rights Activist Ken Wiebe went to trial in his legal suit against “radical feminists” within Status of Women Canada and the Federal Minister responsible for SWC

Well, he lost his defamation suit over a report he said portrayed him as “hate-monger.”

I guess it’s one of those, if the shoe fits cases.

Well, Canada, what now?

So, the Liberals stood up Canadian women for a pink party at Stornoway.  The NDP has a turncoat who needs to be removed from the party.  And the anti-choice crowd is partying like they have not partied since before the Morgentaler decision of 1988.  Me, I don’t feel too festive.

I am angry.  I am angry with Parliament, for all the stupidity they’ve engaged in over the past 2+ years, but exceedingly so for this latest attack on women.  It could send a woman into a tailspin.  Fortunately, I’m stronger than that and have bounced back quickly and with more gusto than before.  I am angry with myself, too, for not taking seriously this attack by the anti-choicers, for not catching the pattern of Harper’s attacks.  Never underestimate Steve Harper is the lesson I have learned here.  He is as mean and scary as they come.

So, peeps, what’s next?  How do we take back what is being taken from us?  How do we take back our democracy?

Enemies of Women’s Rights

This is for Stephen Harper, Stephane Dion, and Peter Stoffer, the three obvious enemies of women’s right to reproductive freedom, as indicated by their vote — or the lack thereof — on Bill C-484 in Parliament today.

Middle Finger for Dion

Who was it who said, Polite women seldom make history?

Updated to add Stoffer, an NDP MP, to the list.  Here’s hoping he’s disciplined…

The Enemies Within: Feminist Activism in the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party

Oh, oooh, oooooooooooooh!  This is gonna be good!  Not to mention long overdue!  But will the SK NDP learn from it?  Don’t hold your breath!

The Enemies Within: Feminist Activism in the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party

March 19, 3:30 p.m. CL 408, University of Regina

Feminist activists inside political parties play an important role in ensuring that equality issues remain on the party’s agenda. After the Saskatchewan NDP formed government in 1991, equality advocates at the party level suffered from what Iris Marion Young refers to as “internal exclusion.” The rise of neoliberalism has contributed toward a political climate that legitimates intolerance of and hostility toward equality claims. Indeed, despite the NDP’s espoused commitment to egalitarian principles, interviews with 12 members of the NDP women’s committee reveal that the party culture is hostile to internal feminist critiques of party policies and processes. This lecture problematizes inclusion strategies and argues that the Saskatchewan NDP ought to be more open to internal dissent and more receptive to critiques of power relations if it is to adequately address the lived realities of Saskatchewan women.

Jenn Ruddy is a Sessional Lecturer in the Political Science department. She received a SSHRC scholarship for her MA thesis, “From Policy Advisors to the Enemies Within: Feminist Activism in the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party, 1982-2006.”

This is way better than an Oscar!

1st PlacePolitics’n’Poetry would like to thank everyone who supported the Canadian F-word Blog Awards, and most especially Pale and Prole at A Creative Revolution, for taking on the task of making them happen! I have to say that I am more than impressed that my suggestion for a feminist blog award category in another awards forum resulted in something so much better than one simple award! Special thanks as well to media women, Antonia and Heather, for their support and their strong feminist voices in the mainstream media.  Inspiration and breaths of fresh air, those two are!

Politics’n’Poetry would also like to thank all those who voted for P’n’P in the CFBA rounds of voting. Thanks to you we snagged 1st Place in the Best Environmental Blog category and this ecofeminist is pretty durned happy about that!  It is very validating to know that the work one does is appreciated.

Finally, P’n’P would like to congratulate all the winners and nominee in the CFBAs.  It is awesome that we have so many fantastic feminist bloggers in Canada!  I look forward to reading those I do not already know.  Oh, and the Winners List is here.

A Celebratory Kind of Day!

Today is the day that replaced Imbolc, an ancient celebration of the goddess, Brighid. Imbolc marks the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox. Today is the Feast Day of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  And, today is the birth day of Birth Pangs!

Last year, a group of “radical,” “militant” and “feminazi” feminists who hang out at the Bread and Roses discussion boards launched Birth Pangs, an irreverent and relevant blog that keeps a close eye on the anti-choice, aka fetus fetishist, aka compulsory pregnancy, aka zygote zealot crowd. Demonstrating that feminists do, indeed, have a sense of humour, Birth Pangs sheds a slightly satirical light on the ludicrous, illogical and just plain ridiculous arguments and ideas of those who would have women barefooted, pregnant and back in the kitchen.

Pop by for a visit. Stop in and say hi. And don’t worry, the feminists don’t bite. (Well, not very hard, anyway!)

And here’s an Imbolc poem, a gift to the scruffy band of feminists who dare to challenge and inspire.

Horoscope: Ground Hog Day

Brighid, ancient Hag,
in winter brings new life,
kindles sacred fires to melt Earth’s blanket.

She travels with you, as long ago
when she moved among Galatians and Brigantians.
Long before Patrick danced green among the Celts
Brighid quickened life.

Old Brighid, young Maiden, Mother, Crone
hides within Christianity’s cloak, blessing houses
with candles blessed at Candlemas, the cross-quarter feast day
to celebrate winter’s passing halfway through,
her fires lighting houses, whole communities.

Sainte Brighid, even after decanonization,
even after her fires were snuffed, still
lives. Christianity celebrates the purification
of their blessed virgin, Mary. A ground hog
carried Brighid’s memory across an ocean.

© 2008 BW

CFB Awards: Nominations are Open!

Head on over to A Creative Revolution and nominate your fave feministas in the 1st Annual Canadian F-word Blog Awards!

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The Support Bro – Best Post by a male in support of feminists/feminism

I’m pro-choice and I vote

Blog for Choice DayI type this in support of the US choice movement, now celebrating 35 years since the Roe v. Wade decision.  I would hope that in the upcoming presidential election in the USA that voters vote for the candidate who is decidedly pro-choice on the matter of reproductive freedom.  Reproductive freedoms are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.