On a lighter note

Amy on the Web has tagged me for the 8 things meme.

The rules are as follows:

• Each player creates a list of eight random personal facts/habits.
• At the end of your post, list eight people who you want to tag to also do this meme.
• People who are tagged will write their own list of eight personal facts/habits and, if they have a blog of their own, post these rules and their list.

Here are my 8 things:

  1. I drink a pot of Red Rose tea every day.
  2. I try to do at least one blatantly political act per day.
  3. I am part of a recording project that will bring 85 women from 10 different regions of North America together to record songs based on the Earth Charter.
  4.  My parents are divorced.
  5. My favourite book is Margaret Laurence’s, The Diviners.
  6. I love to plant, harvest and process fruits and vegetables, but hate the part in between — the weeding.
  7. I delivered two children into this world, without the use of epidurals.
  8. I live in a quiet, artsy neighbourhood.

I am tagging:

April Reign
Any one over at POGGE
The Wine and the Are
, if she can pull herself away from Daniel Craig long enough…

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