Come the next federal election…

No one I know wants to see another Harper-led New Government of Canada.  But I hang out with people who didn’t vote for him in the first place.  What I need to hear are suggestions as to how we, as progressives, counterspin, break through the fear,  convince the electorate to stay the hell away from the Harpercrits when marking their Xs come the next federal election.

Over at Peace, order and good government, eh? Tim has posted an excellent, dead-on piece referencing a Toronto Star story about PMS’s attempt to market an alternative universe in Canada.  (Read the comments, too, and take a boo at Scotian’s blog, as well.)  As Tim says, PMS is our very own Little Republican and he is aiming to use Republican tactics in the next federal election:

– Give crappy legislation a positive name, then curse out your opponents for opposing it.
– Use fear to mobilize your base and intimidate the opposition.
– Use the military to boost your patriotic bona fides (at no risk to yourself), while simultaneously labelling your cirtics [sic] anti-military.
– Surround the prime minister (or president) in a bubble of sycophancy to prevent actual facts from seeping into a decision making process entirely ruled by ideology.

So, how are we going to defeat our very own Bushite, folks?


5 thoughts on “Come the next federal election…

  1. Well, here is what I need and what I won’t get–from both sides or in the middle.

    Aside from the politics, I need a real leader that doesn’t need schoolyard antics. I am not an idiot and I don’t need to be played upon. This game of using words like “Bushite” (sorry B)… it’s so… Bradgenlia or Beniffer. It’s ridiculous.

    If any of the sides could put forth a leader I could believe in, then I and I gather many of my peers, would follow. I’m tired of this black and white and even if you add grey vision we are stuck with. Or maybe red, blue and orange. (Green?)

    Frankly, it’s just negative. All of it. It’s never how I will do better, it’s how bad someone else is. And if there is any positive, it’s always so weighed down by negativity.

    I love Magnum Jack, but he’s no leader. Not to me, at least. The shit-slinging is going to get us no where.

    But, I’ll probably just vote NDP and give them a dollar for my vote and ignore it for another four years or if the world ends first… Roll lucky number 7 for rapture… 😦

  2. This game of using words like “Bushite”…It’s ridiculous.

    You’re right for calling me on it, Rhett. It’s something I know I shouldn’t do, but easily fall into the habit of doing, nevertheless. It’s a hard one to kick.

    As to leadership, well, I hear ya! Right now I’m considering moving to London ON for a couple of weeks to see if I can’t help Elizabeth May get elected. For some reason, I believe she has the capacity to change the course of politics in this country. And, being that you’re in AB now, you may want to consider the Greens, too. They could make some big gains there next time around.

    So, what you’re saying is that as a relatively young adult (well, compared to me, anyway) you’d like to nix the negativity from politics. Gee, that would be something, wouldn’t it? Instead of talking about what’s wrong with programs and spending, talk about what’s right and building on that.

    That’d be a big one for the politicians to take on…wonder how many are up to it…

  3. I’ll be honest. I’m especially worried about the next election.
    My worry can be summed up in two words: Elizabeth May.
    I’ve followed Elizabeth May’s career for some time. She is vocal, articulate, intelligent and everything the Greens need to make actual in-roads in Canadian politics.

    However (and I don’t know how legitimate this concern is for the next election) the progressive vote already gets split between the Liberals and the NDP – would the emergence of the Green Party create another splinter? If so, the victor might be the Conservatives. Now then I’m rambling about the Greens, Elizabeth May needs to put some real effort into proving she is not a one-matter momma. Undoubtedly, she has done a great deal to keep the environment and Kyoto on the national agenda (having worked in the field, I was constantly amazed by her ability to do this), but there is more on voters’ minds than the environment and in my eyes, she has yet to prove there is more to her agenda than just being green.

  4. Katherine, you pick up on the beauty of Elizabeth’s foray into politics. She attracts both the progressive vote and the disgruntled red-tory vote. There’s huge potential for a bridge. And bridges are good things in politics. It makes room for co-operation which, as the CCF found, was a good thing for the people.

    Something that came to me this afternoon was this: Can we place enough pressure on the Opposition parties to set in motion the wheels for some form of proportional representation?

  5. suk me sideways harper
    and do it good
    i will rok your world neah neah neah neah na na

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