Well, Canada, what now?

So, the Liberals stood up Canadian women for a pink party at Stornoway.  The NDP has a turncoat who needs to be removed from the party.  And the anti-choice crowd is partying like they have not partied since before the Morgentaler decision of 1988.  Me, I don’t feel too festive.

I am angry.  I am angry with Parliament, for all the stupidity they’ve engaged in over the past 2+ years, but exceedingly so for this latest attack on women.  It could send a woman into a tailspin.  Fortunately, I’m stronger than that and have bounced back quickly and with more gusto than before.  I am angry with myself, too, for not taking seriously this attack by the anti-choicers, for not catching the pattern of Harper’s attacks.  Never underestimate Steve Harper is the lesson I have learned here.  He is as mean and scary as they come.

So, peeps, what’s next?  How do we take back what is being taken from us?  How do we take back our democracy?

Enemies of Women’s Rights

This is for Stephen Harper, Stephane Dion, and Peter Stoffer, the three obvious enemies of women’s right to reproductive freedom, as indicated by their vote — or the lack thereof — on Bill C-484 in Parliament today.

Middle Finger for Dion

Who was it who said, Polite women seldom make history?

Updated to add Stoffer, an NDP MP, to the list.  Here’s hoping he’s disciplined…

Only sexist pigs say no to a $10 minimum wage

Blogger was unable to post my comment to Jason Cherniak, a loud-mouthed young Liberal who suggests that Ontarians say no to a $10 minimum wage. It’s pretty obvious to this mother of two, who has never lived in Ontario, that Cherniak has never raised a child and that he has no clue whatsoever as to what costs are involved in doing so.

If you figure 40 hours a week at $8 an hour, you are looking at about $16,500 in income. I won’t deny it – that would be awfully tough to live on. However, it is not impossible if you are single and without loans to pay. After $9,600 in rent, you would still have around $200 a month for food after taxes. If you are a parent, then you will have other resources such as the child tax benefit to help you.

To suggest that the Child Tax Benefit is enough to help you feed and clothe a couple of kids as well as yourself shows just what a clueless child Cherniak really is. Apparently, he is one of the silver spoon crowd and perhaps he should keep it there rather than spew off the sexist crap he’s spewing! Or, maybe this is part of his initiation rite into the Old Boys’ Club!

Grow up, Cherniak, read the new Report Card on Child Poverty in Canada and show some social and moral responsibility for the lives of those who do not have the luxury to which you are so entitled.

Edited 11:20 p.m. 02Jan07 to add a link to Robert, two to Eugene, the second provides some numbers re some of my points in the comments below, another link is to The Jurist who comes to the economics of it by looking at the relationship between corporate profits and minimum wage and to my favourite cowboy, the one for social responsibility. All are worth having a look-see.

Harper Insults & Innuendo

I’ll admit I don’t regularly read the Hansard, but maybe I should, if this is what I’ll find.

December 4th Hansard:

Hon. Stéphane Dion (Leader of the Opposition, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, … for my first question to a Prime Minister, I feel I must talk about women’s rights.

When the government is posting multi-billion dollar budget surpluses thanks to the previous Liberal government, why on earth is the Prime Minister closing 12 of the 16 Status of Women offices across Canada if it is not to cripple those who dare challenge his government’s neo-conservative ideology?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, CPC):
[after congratulating Dion and Graham]
Mr. Speaker, the government is reallocating money for women’s programming from bureaucracy to programming directly for women. I can assure all members of the House that when the government reallocates money, it does so to make it more effective for ordinary people, not to flow it into party coffers.

To suggest that the women who work at Status of Women Canada (SWC) and/or those who receive funding from SWC reallocate money into Liberal Party coffers is an insult to all women who work for progressive change in this country. Prime Minister Harper should apologize for that comment!

Come the next federal election…

No one I know wants to see another Harper-led New Government of Canada.  But I hang out with people who didn’t vote for him in the first place.  What I need to hear are suggestions as to how we, as progressives, counterspin, break through the fear,  convince the electorate to stay the hell away from the Harpercrits when marking their Xs come the next federal election.

Over at Peace, order and good government, eh? Tim has posted an excellent, dead-on piece referencing a Toronto Star story about PMS’s attempt to market an alternative universe in Canada.  (Read the comments, too, and take a boo at Scotian’s blog, as well.)  As Tim says, PMS is our very own Little Republican and he is aiming to use Republican tactics in the next federal election:

– Give crappy legislation a positive name, then curse out your opponents for opposing it.
– Use fear to mobilize your base and intimidate the opposition.
– Use the military to boost your patriotic bona fides (at no risk to yourself), while simultaneously labelling your cirtics [sic] anti-military.
– Surround the prime minister (or president) in a bubble of sycophancy to prevent actual facts from seeping into a decision making process entirely ruled by ideology.

So, how are we going to defeat our very own Bushite, folks?