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Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) provides great info and does other great work.  Please support NIRS if you are able.

[R]egardless of who wins next Tuesday, the task before us all is daunting:*26 applications for new atomic reactors in the U.S. are already pending before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and hearings already have begun on a few of these.

*The NRC is preparing for lengthy hearings that the nuclear industry wants to lead to the licensing of the scientifically indefensible Yucca Mountain radioactive waste dump.

*The nuclear industry is continuing its efforts to import radioactive waste from other countries, threatening to turn the United States of America into the world’s atomic waste dumping ground.

NIRS is working around-the-clock to stop all of these dangerous prospects, and even more. Any one of them–even a single new reactor application–can take months of work.

We know you want us to do this work–that’s why you support NIRS. But to do the job right, to meet the rapidly-growing workload, we need another staff member.

We have some great applicants for a new position at NIRS. Strong, active people who will provide exactly the kind of organizing and grassroots assistance needed right now. But we need to be sure that we can support a new person. That’s where you come in.

A strong show of support from you, right now, will make it possible for us to hire a new staff member, someone who will make a real difference in the fight against nuclear power and for a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy future. Will you support us with a contribution of $50, $25, or whatever you can afford on our secure website?

We figured out the other day that the nuclear power industry spends about $2.4 million to create one single job–and most of those jobs are temporary. We’ll create a new job–and it will be permanent and much more important–if you’ll support us with just 1.5 percent of that amount!

This position is really needed if we’re going to effectively challenge the nuclear industry’s plans for resurgence. And I will be so proud to introduce you to our new staffer, especially because you are the ones who can make this position happen.

The way we’re going to stop those 26 proposed new reactors is through person-power, through grassroots organizing, support and empowerment, through targeted and strategic campaigns aimed at the industry’s weakest spots: their financing, their deadly radioactive waste, their ongoing safety and security problems.

You are the ones who can make that kind of people-power happen. Please support NIRS now, as generously as you can; help us hire another dedicated staffer, help us build the movement that can truly create the nuclear-free, carbon-free future we all embrace.

Thanks for all you do.

Michael Mariotte

Executive Director

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

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