End Canada’s Occupation of Afghanistan

National Day of Action to Bring our Troops Home

7:30 p.m. Saturday, October 28th
Unitarian Fellowship Centre
2700 College Avenue
Contact: Cathy Fischer 347-7693

October 28 is a day of action across Canada to let our government know they must end Canada’s participation in the war in Afghanistan. The Canadian Peace Alliance, the Canadian Labour Congress and the Canadian Islamic Congress have called on the people of Canada to unite in telling the Canadian government to bring our troops home from that war-ravaged country, and particularly to take action October 28.

In Regina the Regina Peace Council and Unitarian Fellowship are sponsoring a gathering to hear Richard Sanders speak on this topic. The gathering will take place at the Unitarian Fellowship Centre, 2700 College Avenue in Regina, October 28, at 7:30 p.m. Sanders will address the question of Canada’s role in Afghanistan and Iraq, and its support for the Ballistic Missile Defence system.

Richard Sanders for many years has been co-ordinator of Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT), in Ottawa, and editor of their magazine Press for Conversion, and is noted for his research of the background of peace issues. For information on this event, contact the Regina Peace Council at 347-7693 (Cathy Fischer).

On the morning of October 28, Sanders will also be speaking at the Making Peace with Earth conference taking place in Regina. For information on the conference contact Saskatchewan Council for International Co-operation at (306) 757-4669, or email SCIC at conference@earthbeat.sk.ca .

Reginans are urged to come and bring a friend and say no to Canada’s complicity in the business of war – Bring our Troops Home.


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