Words of Caution to SK Taxpayers

Again, a little something from the Inbox for you, dear Reader.  What I can’t figure out is why the Canadian Tax Payers Federation isn’t in a big huff about all this!

Tax-payers are already paying, or will pay for:
– the research and other costs of developing the tar sands (roads,
infrastructure, etc.)
– the water reservoirs (dams) needed for the nuclear reactors (billions of dollars)
– most of the costs of a nuclear reactor (billions of dollars)
– all the costs of the power transmission lines (billions of dollars)
– radioactive waste disposal costs (billions of dollars for eternity) and
– we are paying for lobbyists in Washington.

Taxpayers should be aware of how much money we are, or will be, contributing to the nuclear and to the tar sands companies – – unless we take a stand. The best place to take a stand is on whether or not we want nuclear reactors here. It is not us that needs them as an energy source. If we don’t want nuclear reactors and we stop them, the huge energy source needed for tar sands development does not exist – – unless the Government is willing to use up natural gas supplies for tar sands processing. That would mean running us out of a relatively clean energy source to develop a very dirty energy source, and notwithstanding the fact that most of the infrastructure for heating our homes is for natural gas. The reactors have to have access to large volumes of water. We stopped (at least temporarily) the construction of the HighGate Dam on the North Saskatchewan River near the Battlefords. We would have paid billions of dollars for the HighGate Dam or “reservoirs” as the Government likes to call them.

The assumption of the Government is that these projects are going to proceed:

Wall Heads to Washington

Tuesday, 03 March 2009

The province will have some representation at an Energy Council in the US this week.

Premier Brad Wall will be giving a major speech at the council, which goes from tomorrow until Saturday. Wall plans to talk about carbon capture and clean investments in the province, as well as nuclear opportunities.

March 8, 2009 FINANCIAL POST


… Wall spent part of his trip to Washington scouting D.C. lobby firms, with the intention of hiring one to protect the province’s interests on Capitol Hill.

“We hope to get a firm that’s not just got some ability to open some political doors. We need to continue to open financial doors and attract capital to the province,” he said.

“They would be boots on the ground in the Capitol.”

During meetings with several prominent U.S. lawmakers – including senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham – Wall also discussed Saskatchewan’s interest in developing small nuclear reactor technology as a way to replace the burning of natural gas in the production of oilsands oil.

“There are challenges and risk to these technologies, but we will cause ourselves innumerable more problems if our default position is to do nothing,” Wall said.

Of course, certain risks come with having a higher profile in Washington – especially regarding energy and the environment.

Alberta had early success promoting itself as a safe and secure source of foreign oil, but is now struggling to combat anti-oilsands sentiment among U.S. lawmakers under pressure from the environmental lobby.”

Taxpayers Federation Dishonest Tactics

Over at The Wingnuterer I learned that the fellow who mouthpieces for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the elite organization that constantly attacks working people in Saskatchewan (and across the country), has been playing dirty political games online.  Giant Political Mouse broke the story yesterday and others are providing technical commentary, etc.  Today, GPM has posted a roundup of links about it.

We’ve always known the CTF to be nutbars shilling for business, but until now we didn’t know just how dishonest their tactics really were.

SK women take action

The Saskatoon Women’s Community Coalition would like to invite all individuals concerned with the recent federal cuts that affect women to an organizing meeting to discuss a fight back strategy. The meeting will be an opportunity to discuss the recent cuts announced by the Federal Government as well as strategize on ways to have our voices heard here at home and in Ottawa .

The cuts include:

…and many more

Thursday, October 26,
7:00 pm
Mamawopiwin Room, #206
Community Service Village
510 25th Street East, Saskatoon

I understand that there are a number of events taking place that evening and would like to emphasize that this is an initial meeting so if you are not able to make it and would like to be involved or receive the minutes please contact Deanna Ogle at 242-4097 or by email (deannao@oxfam.ca).

Deny, deny, deny

Not much to add to what’s already been expressed by other bloggers, except my two cents.  It’s no surprise that the National Cons have come out swinging, saying they knew nothing about the cheque-swapping scheme.  And, if you believe them, well, do I have a deal for you!

Wasn’t it just a week or so ago that the Harper said all the rules were followed? That’s what I thought.  And now they knew nothing about it?  How convenient!
And why is it that The Blogosphere had to break this story?  What’s with the MSM, anyway?

And say, doesn’t it make you feel good to know that we all subsidized the folks who attended the Con-Flab Convention last year?  And isn’t it good to know that the line, Liberal, Tory, same old story, still holds true?

Roundup of recent boo-boos by Harperites

The PM himself made an optical boo-boo, packing his staff and buddies and security team into a government jet and zooming to Edmonton for the sixth game of the Stanley Cup final. The spin on this has been hilarious and there are some legitmate questions that need to be answered. (CfSR and Maple Leaf Politics)

A blogger suggests that there is a dead Minister walking in Ottawa. And that he's Tony Clement, the Minister of Health who forgot to unload his 25 per cent equity shares in pharmaceutical giant Prudential Chem Inc. when he took on the Health portfolio. Again the spin the Cons are trying to put on this is hilarious! (BCer in Toronto)

Update 21Jun06 Canadian Health Coalition tells Tony to divest or resign with a link to a PDF. (Calgary Grit)

Stockwell (aka Doris) Day has been talking up wasted tax money and wasting it at the same time. He rented a room for a news conference to talk about wasted tax money when he could have had a room for free in the Parliament Buildings! (My Blahg)
Seems Hon. Rona Ambrose has had a breakup with her Chief of Staff. She may be hard-pressed now to come up with any plan at all on the environment. And expectations across the country and around the world are high. Some have suggested the jobless Con is simply the scapegoat for the flak the Cons are taking around Kyoto. (Far and Wide)

Finally, the PM insulted participants at the World Urban Forum in Vancouver this week by stating that the threat of terrorism is the most serious challenge facing the world these days. The threat of terrorism? Puh-leeze! Many participants in the Forum come from countries where citizens do not have access to clean drinking water or enough food to feed their families. He is the Bushite's MiniMe! (The Matriarchist)
LOL! Gotta wonder how much longer Ms Buckler will be the Harper's Communications Commando…