Tar Sands Supported by Wall Government

You can read the piece that landed in my Inbox this a.m., below. To summarize, “The Government of Saskatchewan has demonstrated its commitment to oil sands exploration and development.”

Some additional info:

Map: http://www.oilsandsquest.com/our_projects/july15-2011-map.html

Info: http://forum.stopthehogs.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=449

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From: Oilsands Quest Inc.
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2011 6:22 AM
Subject: Oilsands Quest receives approval for 15-year leases for Axe Lake lands

Oilsands Quest receives approval for 15-year leases for Axe Lake lands

CALGARY, July 15, 2011 /CNW/ – Oilsands Quest Inc. (NYSE Amex:BQI) (“OQI” or “the Company”).

Oilsands Quest is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the Government of Saskatchewan to convert portions of the Axe Lake permits to 15-year leases. These leases, the first oil sands leases in Saskatchewan, are one of the key elements the Company needs in place to proceed to development of a commercial oil sands production facility.

“These leases mark a key milestone in our path forward,” said Garth Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Oilsands Quest. “In the past, some potential investors have expressed concern about the short term permits under which the Axe Lake lands were held. The 15-year leases will give us the certainty of land tenure we need to underpin commercial development at Axe Lake. The Government of Saskatchewan has demonstrated its commitment to oil sands exploration and development, and we appreciate its confidence that Oilsands Quest will be able to deliver on the value of these assets both for our investors and for the people of Saskatchewan.”

The two leases, OSA00001 and 0SA00002 will be governed under the terms of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulations, 1969 and will expire on March 31, 2027.

Please see http://www.oilsandsquest.com/our_projects/july15-2011-map.html to view a map showing Oilsands Quest’s land leases and permits.

About Oilsands Quest

Oilsands Quest Inc. (www.oilsandsquest.com) is exploring and developing oil sands permits and licences, located in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and developing Saskatchewan’s first commercial oil sands discovery. It is leading the establishment of the province of Saskatchewan’s emerging oil sands industry.

For further information:

Investor Relations
Email: ir@oilsandsquest.com
Investor Line: 1-877-718-8941

Bedfellows: Oil, Gas & Uranium


It just keeps getting more and more interesting, how these pronukers and oil barons collude and collaborate. I found the following buried in a Globe and Mail article:



Bruce Power Corp. announced that it has agreed to purchase assets of Energy Alberta Corp., a small company that has proposed building a reactor in Alberta to supply electricity and, possibly, hydrogen.


Bruce Power said it would forge ahead with plans to build a Candu reactor near Peace River, Alberta, with the launch of a full environmental assessment.

Isn’t it just so convenient that the Energy Alberta Corporation (EAC) is being consumed by the Bruce Power Corporation (BPC)? EAC is the little unknown Alberta company that introduced itself in 2005 with a mission to “to provide clean, emission-free energy, utilizing advanced and proven nuclear technology to supply oil sands operators and the province of Alberta with a reliable flow of electricity at a competitive cost.” [Note: EAC’s corporate mission statement has been revised since P’n’P first reported on this issue.] EAC teamed up with the federal crown corporation, Atomic Energy of Canada Corporation, in its bid to build a new-fangled and untested CANDU nuclear reactor in northern Alberta.


BPC bills itself as “Canada’s first private nuclear generating company.” Basically, it’s an all-male consortium with representatives from the uranium giant, Cameco, which purchased “nearly a third of Bruce Power LP” in 2003 according to Friends of Bruce. Also represented on the Bruce Power board is TransCanada Power Corporation, a pipelines and energy business which includes gas transmission, power generation, gas storage and their plans for the Keystone Pipeline which is proposed to run from the Alberta Tar Sands and south into the USA. The Communications, Energy, Paperworkers (CEP) Union of Canada, an affiliate of International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Unions, has called on the feds to refer the matter to the Standing Committee on Natural Resources for broader discussion and on Canadians to take actions to stop this proposed pipeline.

“There is no way this pipeline benefits Canada in any way,” says CEP President Dave Coles. “It’s all about boosting the bottom line of multinational oil companies.”

“This ruling is not in the public interest economically, socially or environmentally. CEP studies submitted to the NEB — that show the loss of 18,000 potential new jobs — have been ignored. Environmental concerns have been similarly ignored as has the issue of Canada compromising the energy needs of its own citizens to feed U.S. markets.”

“Clearly, this is the wrong decision for Canada, and it brings into question the role of the Board and the need for a domestic energy policy to protect Canadian interests. This discussion belongs in the political arena, and the federal government should take the necessary steps to make that happen.”


Interestingly, there is now a vacancy at the National Energy Board.


The tar sands giga-project is the single largest industrial project ever undertaken in the history of humanity, according to Oil Sands Truth. The community-based organization is working to shut down the tar sands project as part of Canada’s plan to tackle climate change and stop environmental devastation. Apparently, the MSM forgot to send a reporter to their end of November conference, Everyone’s Downstream, which brought together representatives from First Nations communities, environmental organizations, northern communities and migrant workers’ rights groups as well as the general public.


The proponents of the plan to nuclearize northern Alberta have been working tirelessly. Wayne Henuset of EAB was in Saskatoon in October, speaking at a Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce luncheon about Nuclear Power in the Oil Sands. All the players are moving ahead as though this project will not be stopped. We can be sure that Saskatchewan’s new premier, Brad Wall, will be eager to help his friends in the energy industry by supplying them with all they need.


To those who love this planet, it is essentional that we come together and stop this project. Greenpeace has named the threats of this project and they are huge:



I believe the capacity of the human spirit to overcome problems is greater than the threats we face. All we need to is to live into our intention to love this planet. Take action now!



Iraqi Refugees Forced into Prostitution

I guess oil is soooo important that women and girls lives don’t really matter to GWB & Co…

The Independent on Sunday ~~ June 24, 2007
‘50,000 Iraqi refugees’ forced into prostitution
Women and girls, many alarmingly young, who fled the chaos at home are
being further betrayed after reaching ‘safety’ in Syria
By Nihal Hassan in Damascus

It’s Monday night in a dingy club on the outskirts of the Syrian
capital. Two dozen girls are moving half-heartedly on the dance floor,
lit up by flashing disco lights.

They are dessed in tight jeans, low-cut tops and knee-high boots, but
the girls’ make-up can’t disguise the fact that most are in their
mid-teens. It’s a strange sight in a conservative Muslim country, but
this is the sex business, and it’s booming as a result of the war in Iraq.

Backstage, the manager sits in his leather chair, doing business. A
Saudi client is quoted $500 for one of the girls. Eventually he beats
it down to $300. Next door, in a dimly lit room, the next shift of
girls arrives, taking off the black all-covering abayasthey wear
outside and putting on lipstick and mascara.

To judge from the cars parked outside, the clients come from all over
the Gulf region – many are young Saudi men escaping from an even more
conservative moral climate. But the Syrian friend who has brought me
here tells me that 95 per cent of the girls are Iraqi.

Most are unwilling to talk, but Zahra, an attractive girl with a bare
midriff and tattoos, tells me she’s 16. She has been working in this
club since fleeing to Syria from Baghdad after the war. She doesn’t
like it, she says, “but what can we do? I hope things get better in
Iraq, because I miss it. I want to go back, but I have to look after
my sister”. Zahra points to a thin, pubescent girl with long black
hair, who seems to be dancing quite happily. Aged 13, Nadia started in
the club two months ago.

As the girls dance suggestively, allowing their breasts to brush
against each other, one winks at a customer. But these girls are not
just providing the floor show – they have paid to be here, and they
need to pick up a client, or they’ll lose money. If successful,
they’ll earn about $60, equivalent to a month’s wages in a factory.

There are more than a million Iraqi refugees in Syria, many are women
whose husbands or fathers have been killed. Banned from working
legally, they have few options outside the sex trade. No one knows how
many end up as prostitutes, but Hana Ibrahim, founder of the Iraqi
women’s group Women’s Will, puts the figure at 50,000.

I met Fatima in a block of flats operating informally as a brothel in
Saida Zainab, a run-down area with a large Iraqi population. Millions
of Shias go there every year, because of the shrine of the prophet
Mohamed’s granddaughter. “I came to Syria after my husband was killed,
leaving me with two children,” Fatima tells me. “My aunt asked me to
join her here, and my brothers pressured me to go.” She didn’t realise
the work her aunt did, and she would be forced to take up, until she arrived.

Fatima is in her mid-20s, but campaigners say the number of Iraqi
children working as prostitutes is high. Bassam al-Kadi of Syrian
Women Observatory says: “Some have been sexually abused in Iraq, but
others are being prostituted by fathers and uncles who bring them here
under the pretext of protecting them. They are virgins, and they are
brought here like an investment and exploited in a very ugly way.”

Further viewing: Nihal Hassan and Nima Elbagir’s report will appear on
‘More 4 News’ at 8pm tomorrow

Govt of Sk Ass-kissing Oil & Gas

It seems the back-assward Sask NDP are proud to invest more money in the oil and gas industry at a time when oil and gas are being recognized as great contributors to global warming. It’s economic racism, I think, to put First Nations people into this situation.

But you go figure, because I give up trying to figure out this bunch of red-necked neo-cons that call themselves progressive and kiss-ass the corporate sector!



People in northwest Saskatchewan will soon be better equipped to investigate business opportunities and find employment in Saskatchewan’s booming oil and gas industries. Canada’s New Government and the Government of Saskatchewan are providing a total of $1.67 million to the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC) to implement three projects in the area of business development and employment training.

The investment was announced today by Saskatchewan First Nations & Métis Relations Minister Maynard Sonntag, on behalf of Industry and Resources Minister Eric Cline and Northern Affairs Minister Joan Beatty, and the Honourable Rona Ambrose, President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of Western Economic Diversification.

“It is important that our governments help First Nations and Metis peoples and northerners take advantage of opportunities in their regions and make the most of our strong economy,” Sonntag said. “These projects will contribute to northern development and lead to a better quality of life for people in this area.”

“Canada’s New Government is proud to invest over $1.3 million in these projects which will give residents of northern Saskatchewan, including First Nations people, the resources and training they need to capitalize on the increasing business and employment prospects in oil and gas,” said Minister Ambrose. “We are proud to get things done for the residents of northern Saskatchewan by working in partnership with other orders of government.”

The largest project, involving $1.4 million, will provide the MLTC funds to establish an Oil and Gas Secretariat to pursue emerging business opportunities in the oil and gas sector on behalf of its members. The other two projects will provide job training to northerners seeking employment on oil drilling rigs or as heavy equipment operators in the oil, gas, mining or construction industries.

Meadow Lake Tribal Council represents nine First Nations in northwestern Saskatchewan with a combined membership of 11,000. According to tribal Chief Helen Ben, oil and gas initiatives will provide MLTC members with additional employment, training and business opportunities. “We have been fortunate in the past to become significant players in the forest industry and this new funding will help us to become involved with an even larger industry. We realize that the real effort will be made by the young men and women who are still in school today, getting a better education and better training. But we know they can do it and our Tribal council intends to be there to help.”

“Investments made into training programs under the Northern Development Agreement are providing access to gainful employment for Northerners in all sectors,” Northern Development Board chair Al Rivard said. “Early results of the oil and gas exploration in northern Saskatchewan are encouraging, these training programs provide northern residents with transferable skills so that once this new exciting sector comes to fruition, we will have trained northerners ready and willing to take on these new opportunities.”

Funding for the MLTC capacity building project is being provided through the Canada-Saskatchewan Western Economic Partnership Agreement. This Agreement funds initiatives that increase Aboriginal participation in the economic mainstream, develop Saskatchewan’s small and medium-sized business sector, support economic and technological innovation, and assist with diversifying Saskatchewan’s economy. This contribution reinforces the commitment of both governments to increase First Nations involvement in the development of Saskatchewan’s non-renewable resources.

The drilling rig and heavy equipment operator programs are receiving funding from the Canada-Saskatchewan Northern Development Agreement (NDA). The NDA is providing $20 million over six years (2002 to 2008) for a variety of northern economic development initiatives. About $13.8 million has been announced to date to support 43 projects. In addition to a broad range of training and employment programs, the Agreement has invested in expanding high-speed Internet service to more than 35 northern communities.


For more information, contact:

Brenda Tarasiuk
Western Economic Diversification Canada
Phone: 306-975-5943
Email: www.wd.gc.ca
Cell: 1-888-338-WEST

Bob Ellis
Saskatchewan Industry and Resources
Phone: 306-787-1691

Scott Boyes
Saskatchewan Northern Affairs
La Ronge
Phone: 306-425-6669
Email: sboyes@sna.gov.sk.ca
Cell: 306-425-8869

Gordon Iron
Meadow Lake Tribal Council
Meadow Lake
Phone: 306-236-5654

Dean Desjarlais
Northern Development Board
La Ronge
Phone: 306-425-2444
Email: ceo.ndbc@sasktel.net


The Nightmare of Afghan Women

According to this, from TomDispatch, our mission in Afghanistan is not a lot different from the USian one in Iraq.  And, women are not better off as a result.

Tomgram: Ann Jones on the Nightmare of Afghan Women

This post can be found at http://www.tomdispatch.com/index.mhtml?pid=163092

Afghanistan remains the forgotten war and yet, in an eerie lockstep with Iraq, it seems to be following a distinctly Bush administration-style path toward “the gates of hell.” While almost all attention in Washington and the U.S. media has been focused on the President’s new “surge” plan in Iraq — is it for 21,000 or 50,000 American troops? Just how astronomical will the bills be? Just how strong will Congressional opposition prove? Just how bad, according to American intelligence, is the situation? — Afghanistan is experiencing its own quiet surge plan: more U.S. (and NATO) troops, more military aid, more reconstruction funds, more fighting, more casualties, heavier weaponry, more air power, more bad news, and predictions of worse to come.

Big Oil and Big (G)A(s)s Offer Cash for Cred

skdadl’s hammer hit the head of the nail at Peace, Order & Good Government, Eh?

Updated 9:15PM CST to add this which contains a reference to the famed right-wing think tank that recently heaped praise on the Government of Saskatchewan for its “historic transformation of economic policy” and captured front page headlines in the Regina Leader Post as a result.

How interesting that they will now follow-up Tommy Douglas’ rolling over in his grave with an independent report a pack of lies about Climate Change, funded by Exxon-Mobil.

Oh, this is worth a look, too.

ACTION: Baird in Regina

The inbox is the source of all activity these days.  Check this out and then the following:

psst…pass it on…

Greet Federal Environment Minister John Baird

5:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Canadian Italian Club
2148 Connaught Street, Regina

Bring banners, placards and noise-makers to make noise in support of a green Canada which meets its commitments to the Kyoto Protocol.

“Green is the colour,
The climate is the game
We’re all together
and reducing is our aim
So let’s all work to stop climate change
Saskatchewan Green Greeters is our name”

(adapted w/o permission)

Info gathered from here

Harper’s Admission of Failure?

It seems our dear PMS is having a little trouble with the environmental portfolio. Perhaps it’s because he chose the daughter of a big oil and big ass gas fellow to lead on it and Ambrose has certainly been doing what it takes to make nothing happen. The outrage from Canadians and the international community has been harsh.

Now, it seems, PMS is ready to hear from Canadians on the matter. Perhaps PMS finally sees that the environment is important. More likely, he sees that it is necessary to appear to see it as important in order to win the next election.  From The Globe & Mail:

The move by the Conservatives occurs as the PMO is leading efforts to rebrand the party’s environmental credentials, leaving Ms. Ambrose in limbo over her political future.

It also comes on the heels of comments from former prime minister Brian Mulroney that environmental issues might be a key to capturing the next federal election.

He said if the Stephen Harper government doesn’t move faster, other parties are waiting to claim the environment as their issue. Mr. Dion, the new leader of the Liberal Party, has vowed to make the environment his central campaign issue in the next election.

In year-end interviews, the Prime Minister said he agreed with Mr. Mulroney’s comments.

Oh, where is that vomit smiley when I need it?!?

Thanks to The Jurist for the lead.

Climate Change, Government of Canada

11 months in office and there’s been no action from Ambrose and the Harperites on the issue of Climate Change.


The Clean Air Act was a waste of our tax money, unless the parties in Opposition can do something with it. Ambrose must be listening closely to what her family’s big oil and big ass big gas friends said as she formulated the death of our children’s future.

Thanks to where’d that bug go? for the lead.