Update on Support for Oaxaca

I’d like to suggest we have a March 8 (International Women’s Day) blog posts to support the women of Oaxaca, Mexico.  Perhaps someone who knows how to make a button or banner would be willing to create one for it…


This, from the Inbox…


2 March 2007




Dear friends,


The Global Women´s Strike thanks you for supporting our COMO/APPO sisters in struggle in Oaxaca, Mexico. The letter you have signed is on our webpage with all the signatures we received: www.globalwomenstrike.net  More signatures come in every day.


So far we have sent US$1,000. The women have decided to put this towards the hospital bill of the family of compañero Marcos García Macedas, who was shot by police and is struggling for his life.  The van in which he was traveling was hit 177 times, four bullets hit Marcos. The bill is US$10,000 so far. Another operation is needed which will cost about US$5,000. Please send a donation if you can.


As you know, in an attempt to defeat the COMO/APPO movement, the government has thrown hundreds of people into jail.  The struggle to get rid of the repressive governor Ulises Ruiz and free the prisoners continues!  On 6 January, Day of the Kings, 300 children marched to demand the release of their parents. On 17 January, marchers assembled at the Monument to Mothers.


The next mega-march of women has been called for 8 March, International Women’s Day.


Our sisters in Michoacan – who were with us when we met the Oaxaca women and who have participated in Global Women’s Strike activities for years – are also in a big struggle against violence and corruption by party officials. A separate email will give their account of the situation there and what support is needed.


Please send letters of protest in support of the Oaxaca movement against repression to the following politicians:


President Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa

Residencia Oficial de los Pinos

Casa Miguel Alemán Col. San Miguel Chapultepec,

México DF, C.P. 11850

Tel: +52 (55) 27891100

Fax: +52 (55) 52772376

We have no email for him, please send a fax


Licenciado Francisco Javier Ramírez Acuña

Secretario de Gobernación

Bucareli 99, 1er. piso Col. Juárez, Delegación Cuauhtémoc

México D.F., C.P. 06600

Fax: +52 (55) 5093 3414

We have no email for him, please send a fax


Lic. Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza,

Procurador General de la República

Av. Paseo de la Reforma #211-213 Col. Cuauhtémoc, Delegación Cuauhtémoc

México D.F., C.P. 06500

To send an email on line: http://www.pgr.gob.mx/index.asp


Dr. José Luis Soberanes Fernández

President of CNDH

Periférico Sur 3469, Col. San Jerónimo Lídice

10200, México, D.F.

Tel: 631 00 40, 6 81 81 25

Fax: 56 81 84 90

Free long distance call: 01 800 00 869

Emails: correo@fmdh.cndh.org.mx



Lic. Ulises Ruiz Ortiz

Ex governor of the State of Oaxaca

Fax: + 951 5020530



Please send us copies of your letters at: