Shoal Lake #40 First Nation Denied Access To Homes

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Shoal Lake #40 First Nation Denied Access To Homes: Launches Peaceful Walk For Their ‘Freedom Road’


Elderly, Sickly, Expectant Mothers, Young and Old Denied Access to Homes, Community Survival Jeopardized

The Shoal Lake No. 40 First Nation Community was swept aside onto a man-made island in 1917 so that the city of Winnipeg residents could drink clean water. In the latest development the besieged community is about to be blocked from using their only remaining access point located on the neighboring First Nation. The Iskatewizaagegan 39 First Nation has sent a large bill for the ferry landing that Shoal Lake 40 has used for years. They also posted memos advising that any vehicles parked at the landing who have not paid ‘fees’ will be towed away beginning April 28th at 7:00 am at the owner’s expense, -including the Shoal Lake 40 medical vehicle. Faced with no options to access their homes the Shoal Lake 40 members decided at a recent community meeting ‘enough is enough’ and have launched a peaceful walk to bring attention to their plight.

Roughly 250 people live on the man-made island and they must park their vehicles at the ferry landing during freeze up and break-up.

A feeling of siege and oppression lingers heavily in air at the local elementary school, daycare, band office and service offices in the isolated community. Shoal Lake No. 40 government and members of the community have created a plan of action to create national awareness of their situation by organizing a ‘Walk for our Freedom Road’ to the city of Winnipeg. The determined marchers will travel overland to the Trans Canada Highway and in about 5 days they plan to arrive at site of the proposed ‘Canadian Human Rights Museum’ at the Forks. The community is astounded to know that the Prime Minister has allotted millions to a pretty building that claims to honour on water and Aboriginals while the aboriginal community of Shoal Lake 40 is literally dying because of Winnipeg’s water and Canada’s failure to stand up for the Band’s basic human right to access their treaty lands.

Shoal Lake is the water source for the City of Winnipeg and for that very reason Shoal Lake No. 40 First Nation has become a man made island. (see maps attached.) While the

City of Winnipeg residents can drink clean water directly from their taps, Shoal Lake on the other hand has been on boil water advisory for 11 years and to date do not have a water treatment plant because of the lack of road access. Shoal Lake continues to plead for the government to provide the funding necessary to build their access road but to no avail.

With the latest move of their neighbours who have had to give up their land for years, Shoal Lake 40 people are now backed into a corner and feel they have no alternative but to walk for their Freedom Road and demand that Canada live up to its claim to support and protect human rights.
Canada expropriated over 3000 acres of Shoal Lake 40 Reserve and construction related to the City of Winnipeg water intake chopped the remaining land into three isolated pieces.

The walkers are camped out half an hours drive from the city. We are currently organizing support in Winnipeg. Email or if you can offer any help. Put “Support for Shoal Lake Walkers” in your subject heading, please.

Lockheed Martin, China, & the NAFTA Highway

I’ve been following this North American SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc thing for a few months now and it continues to become more and more interesting.  It seems that now the Chinese are getting into it, too!  They have ownership in U.S. cargo monitors through a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin.

What I learned from the article below is that Hutchinson Whampoa (about whom I’ve written before and with whom our Premier and Minister of Industry & Resources have met) and Savi Technologies, a Lockheed Martin Company have hooked up.  Hutchinson Whampoa, Ltd. is the holding company of billionaire Li Ka-shing. Lockheed Martin is the biggest player in the military industrial complex, and was a key player onboard the Superhighway organization.  William N. (Nick) Steele, the President of Lockheed Martin Sygenex, Inc. was once  a Board Member of NASCO (but has since disappeared from the NASCO web pages.  I’m certain some capable blog reader will find that old page hiding somewhere.)

So, it makes one wonder if this project is simply another that will line the already overstuffed pockets of those running the corporate world…

Chinese have ownership in U.S. cargo monitors
Firm tied to communist regime involved in deal to set up high-tech sensors

Posted: December 7, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2006

A Chinese company with close ties to the communist government owns 49 percent of the Lockheed Martin subsidiary that is negotiating a contract with the North American SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc. – the Dallas-based trade association – to place cargo monitoring sensors along as superhighway stretching from Mexico to Canada.

China’s Hutchinson Port Holdings entered into a $50 million joint venture in 2005 with Savi Technology, a Lockheed Martin wholly-owned subsidiary, to form a new company called Savi Networks LLC. Savi Technology owns 51 percent and Hutchinson Port Holdings, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese holding company Hutchinson Whampoa Limited, holds the rest.

Lockheed Martin spokeswoman Leslie Holoweiko confirmed to WND that Savi Networks LLC is the company named in the contract currently being negotiated with NASCO to provide cargo sensors all along the NASCO I-35 super-corridor. If successfully negotiated, the contract would appear to give Hutchinson Holdings operational involvement all along the emerging I-35 NAFTA superhighway. Hutchinson Holdings also operates the port at Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico.

It’s just all so interesting, isn’t it?  Read the full article.

NAFTA highway

Just what we all wanted and needed, another highway! </end sarcasm>

And it is ready to begin construction next year.

New Multi-Modal Super Highway Planned By Bush

Craig Huckerby — — Monday, June 19, 2006, 11:35AM

A new super highway serving all of North America is quietly being worked on by the Bush Administration.

What’s being called the NAFTA Super Highway, four football fields wide and stretching from Mexico to Canada along Interstate 35 is advancing by a number of agencies.

Human Events Online says those agencies include [v]arious U.S. government agencies, dozens of state agencies, and scores of private NGOs. They have formed the North America SuperCorridor Coalition Inc. (NASCO), a non-profit organization out to improve both the trade competitiveness and quality of life in North America.

And I have to ask, For whom?

A quick look at the list of Board Members opened my eyes. Representatives of big business and government coming together to form a non-profit organization just isn’t right.

And, it’s not only the Bushites who are working on this plan. Take a look at some of the names:

Andrew T. Horosko, P. Eng.
NASCO Vice President of Canada
Deputy Minister of Transportation
Manitoba Transportation and Government Services

William N. (Nick) Steele
President, Lockheed Martin Sygenex, Inc.

Gerardo (Gerald) Schwebel
Executive Vice President, International Division
International Bank of Commerce

Bryan Gray
Director of Policy/Manager of EPC Secretariat
City of Winnipeg

Thomas L. (Skip) McMahon
Director, Special Projects
Canadian Transit Company
Ambassador Bridge

I guess Lockheed Martin would benefit in having better routes to transport their war equipment. And the International Bank of Commerce would be involved to make sure everyone involved gets wealthier.

It’s interesting to note that, among other things, Skip is responsible for directing the Canadian External Affairs department and helping to develop new business opportunities. Interesting also is that in April the Harperites introduced legislation giving the federal government authority over all cross-border bridges and tunnels in the country — including the Ambassador Bridge, Windsor-Detroit tunnel and any new crossing.

The City of Winnipeg fellow, Bryan, is currently the head of policy and a senior political advisor to His Worship, Sam Katz, Mayor of Winnipeg. Take a look at NASCO’s map of the SuperCorridor and you’ll figure out why Winnipeg is interested in this venture. As well as the other Manitoban in the mix, Gary Doer’s DM of Transportation, Andy Horosko.

Note that former Prime Minister, Paul Martin, was in on this as well when he met with the Fox and Bush in March 2005.

Oh, it just gets soooo interesting, doesn it?

Even more so with this highlighted in the Gristmill:

Among other charming features, the highway is deliberately intended to bypass any involvement from unions, either the Longshoreman’s Union or the Teamsters Union.

And somewhere in all this there are questions about the 4,000 page Environmental Impact Statement on the project.

No one has yet commented on what the level of CO2 emissions created by this project and its aftermath will be. I suppose it’s buried somewhere in that report.

Thanks to timethief at stolen moments of island time for the lead.

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