Unused Utes Unite

If BP says so, it must be true!

So, on Sunday be sure to celebrate

International Day of the Unused Uterus

To commemorate the International Day of the Unused Uterus, there will be candlelight vigils at maternity wards around the world. Demonstrators will symbolically shut their vaginas by applying an X made of duct tape to the crotch of their pants. (Heavy denim recommended.)

Please take part in the International Day of the Unused Uterus: she is counting on you to speak up for her!

Women Are Now Equal!

This is a must-read!  Why, I'd say it's almost a poem! I love Newfoundland/Labrador women's humour!

Media Release 

October 5, 2006

"Women Are Now Equal!"

Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women Responds to Minister Bev Oda's
Assertion that Canadian Women Have Achieved Equality

This week, Minister Oda, the Federal Minister Responsible for the Status of Women,
declared that women are equal. If we have any trouble along the way, all we need to do
is simply pick up the phone and ask for our rights.

Yes, Minister Oda is positive that women are equal. So as of October 3, her department
will no longer fund women's groups to advocate for change. Yep, women's groups won't be
allowed to talk with municipal, provincial or federal governments on her nickel.

Here's what her new funding guideline says: "Status of Women Canada does not provide
funding for. Domestic advocacy activities and lobbying of federal, provincial, and
municipal governments."

It looks like the only domestic activities we're good for now is looking after our homes
and families. So, women, slip on those aprons and oven mitts and head to the kitchen!
The rest of our work is done! And by the way, that family of yours better be one of
those "traditional" ones.

It's time for women to put down that hard and tiresome EQUALITY work. Never mind that
still haven't achieved the things our mothers and grandmothers were demanding 30 years
ago. We no longer have to struggle for change because, baby, we've got it all!

Don't have childcare? Just call someone. Being harassed at work? Not to worry, your
equality is only a phone call away. And for goodness sakes, stop complaining about how
hard it is to live on minimum wage. You can find a better paying job if you just try
harder. But remember, women don't deserve equal pay for work of equal value.

Having trouble getting legal aid or access to justice? Sorry, Status of Women Canada is
no longer interested in your legal troubles. And golly gee, stop fretting about the
lack of women in leadership. If more women want to get into politics, they should just
do it! But don't forget to bring your oven mitts. And remember, all the "good moms" are
at home with their babies.

Oh, the Minister does recognize that violence against women is a problem. But that's
"advocacy", so don't expect to talk to anyone with any power to do anything about it.
It looks like Minister Oda plans to take care of that issue all by herself.

With all this news from Ottawa, you'd expect women everywhere to be dancing in the
streets! The reality is, we have to work even harder now. The only women celebrating
are the members of "R.E.A.L. Women". The rest of us are just plain angry.

And by the way, of course we're equal. We just don't have equality!

                                                                - 30 - 

Media Contact: Leslie MacLeod, PACSW President: 709-753-6124
Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women
709-753-6124 Toll-free: 1-877-753-7270
131 LeMarchant Rd., St. John's, NL A1C 2H3