NAFTA superhighway heads north

First there was the North America SuperCorridor Coalition Inc. website to keep an eye on with their plan for the great transportation corridor from Mexico to Canada’s North, to speed up North American Union.  That plan is  moving forward full … Continue reading

US official lies re: NAFTA corridor?

I wonder if the U.S. government has trained their officials in telling lies. Either that, or they keep their Undersecretaries locked in dungeons. World Net News reports that a US Department of Transportation official, Jeff Shane, told a US House … Continue reading

Lockheed Martin, China, & the NAFTA Highway

I’ve been following this North American SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc thing for a few months now and it continues to become more and more interesting.  It seems that now the Chinese are getting into it, too!  They have ownership in U.S. … Continue reading

More NAFTA Corridor & Deep Integration

Oh, the NAFTA Corridor and the deepening of North American integration certainly provide opportunities for learning. And it’s always exciting when there’s a local, provincial, or national connection. Here are three excerpts from articles that caught my attention. 1) In … Continue reading