Chalk River: Crisis ‘foreseeable and preventable’

UPDATE! I’m out of town and not blog-reading.  Here’s updated material from JimBobby and TGB which I read *after* I posted what’s below! It becomes clearer, with each bit of information, that Parliament was seriously hoodwinked on the Chalk River … Continue reading

8 Weeks Later, The Chalk River Scandal Emerges in the MSM

On Dec. 13, when I read Dr. Dale Dewar’s email message in response to my query regarding medical isotopes, the message in which she asked if anyone else smelled a rat, I certainly had no idea just how big the … Continue reading

Chalk River: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

At the urging of our Prime Minister, Parliament thought itself wiser than those appointed to ensure the safety of Canadians, and reopened the Chalk River nuclear reactor.  Since then, according to Impolitical’s detailed description, two earthquakes have occurred near the … Continue reading

More Nuke News

Not a lot of people liking President O’s greenwashing of nukes.  This most excellent article in the Guardian dispels the myth that nukes are green. The argument that nuclear is “carbon-free” conveniently omits the entire process of mining uranium, which … Continue reading