Canadian Nuke Company Connected to Kazakh Investigation

Oops!  A nuker lost his job as head honcho at Kazatomprom, a state-owned nuke company in Kazakhstan.  And there’s a Canuckian connection:

Dzhakishev went on trial in January, charged with stealing 99.8 million tenge (about $679,000) during the opening of the Kazatomprom’s representative office in Vienna. He was ousted as head of the company last May and later arrested on suspicion of embezzling state shares in uranium deposits, including one co- owned by Canada’s Uranium One Inc., by transferring them to offshore companies. An investigation into the charge continues.

It’s an interesting case, to be sure.   A series of YouTube vids were investigated.

Kazakhstan’s Prosecutor General’s Office in November ordered a probe into video clips posted on YouTube of Dzhakishev answering investigators’ questions. In the clips, Dzhakishev says his removal from Kazatomprom facilitated an alleged Russian strategy to block the company’s plan to supply nuclear fuel to Japan, consigning Kazakhstan to the role of a supplier of raw materials.

I don’t speak the language so we’ll have to go with the translation suggested in these articles.

Dzhakishev will spend 14 years in jail, but Mr. Google’s not revealing a thing about the allegations he made regarding the Ruskies’ strategy.   Dear Reader, please let me know if you find any more about it.


5 thoughts on “Canadian Nuke Company Connected to Kazakh Investigation

  1. FWIW – just over a year ago I was working with a couple of Americans who had been in Kazakhstan in the oil and gas industry.

    The industry facilities are very primitive – as are their management techniques. They reported many situations such as that mentioned above …. succession planning comes straight from Stalin. (Who is still revered in the country.)

  2. Out Of Focus

    May 4, 2010 by

    Few years ago, I was teaching this class, which was full of intensely focused young people. They were ambitious, quick witted and hard working. There were few, that wanted to radically change the language of our discourse. They would say, referring to a female as a “hero” is disgraceful. We should refer to a female hero as a “shero”. When we discuss history, we are talking about “his-story” the white man’s version of events. There are no white men, only people who are “melanin challenged”.

    I wrote the following poem, ‘Out Of Focus’ , based on my retrospection of my “militant” students.

    Out Of focus

    Hero- Shero,

    Afri-Afro, Black, may be, Negro,

    White, Euro,

    Chairman, Chair woman,

    Why not Chair person?

    In a Pentagon staged, modern warfare,

    Civilians young and old,

    Don’t get killed,

    Only, collaterally damaged.

    Who needs affirmative action?

    In a fair and just nation,

    Where a level playing field,

    Has been achieved,

    Where no one is disadvantaged.

    Hide the facts,

    Cover the truth with innuendos,

    Words that are meaningless.

    Bland, unfeeling, uncaring,


    Yet, saying nothing.

    The more society evades the truth,

    As long as it stays out focus,

    Cultural decay continues.

    Professor Mekonen Haddis

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