Rising child leukemia rates near U.S. nuclear power plants

Radiation and Public Health Project is “a nonprofit educational and scientific organization, established by scientists and physicians dedicated to understanding the relationships between low-level, nuclear radiation and public health.”  In November 2008, released a study conducted by epidemiologist Joseph Mangano MPH MBA and toxicologist Janette Sherman MD of the Environmental Institute at Western Michigan University and as reported in the European Journal of Cancer Care, which shows rising child leukemia rates near U.S. nuclear power plants over the past two decades.

The carcinogenic effects of radiation exposure are most severe among infants and children. Leukemia is the type of childhood cancer most closely associated with exposures to toxic agents such as radiation, and has been most frequently studied by scientists. In the U.S., childhood leukemia incidence has risen 28.7% from 1975-2004 according to CDC data…

Is this really what we want for the children of Saskatchewan?  I would think not, especially when clear alternatives are available.  The mastermind of Germany’s green-energy law says

Ontario could power itself exclusively on renewable energy one day if it thought differently about the operation and design of its entire electricity system.

So, if Ontario, with its millions of households, can be envisioned operating on green renewables for electricty then surely Saskatchewan, with only one million people, can do so sooner and better!

Oh, but then there’s that bit about thinking differently.  And old boys around here aren’t so good at that, eh?

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