Harding on Dief Lake Nuke

Jim Harding has written a response to the leaked report which suggests Lake Diefenbaker as a preferred site for a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan. The full report is here. A choice excerpt:

The Saskatchewan public would be outraged if it knew the extent of secretive planning and behind-the-scene “public acceptance” promotions being undertaken by the nuclear industry.1 It would be doubly outraged if it realized that this industry, which can’t survive without massive subsidies, was propagandizing us with our own money.

If this particular report hadn’t been leaked the Saskatchewan public and media would have remained unaware that the previous Calvert NDP government was quite far along in considering nuclear power by researching preferred siting. The irony is that it will be the new, Wall-led Sask Party that will be the public advocate for the nuclear industry in the province, and the NDP could even get re-elected in part by publicly opposing this. This is similar to what happened when the Romanow NDP defeated the Devine Conservative government in 1991.

Even with this report available, how unaware do we remain about other secretive nuclear expansion planning? Until I did the research for my book on the uranium-nuclear controversy I was mostly unaware of the history of past Saskatchewan government’s attempts to develop the nuclear industry in our province. Had they gotten their way we would be more like Ontario, with its huge dependency on risky, costly and debt-ridden nuclear-generated electricity, with accumulating spent fuel that no one really knows what to do with. And our economy would be even more dependent on non-renewable resources, with all the greed-based resistance this creates to a sustainable society.

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