Wise Ban U in BC; Fools Charge Ahead in SK

Wow! While Cameco denies the severity of the mess it created in Wyoming,

Wyoming raises environmental concerns about Cameco
Last Updated: Friday, April 11, 2008 | 5:26 PM CT

CBC News

The State of Wyoming is raising environmental concerns about a uranium mine run by Saskatoon-based Cameco Corp.

The Smith Ranch-Highland facility, near Douglas, Wyo., is the largest active uranium mine in the United States, producing about two million pounds last year.

But the state regulator says the mine has had about 80 spills and it wants the facility’s environmental problems fixed immediately.

and while Physicians for Global Survival call for a moratorium on uranium development

PGS recommends a permanent moratorium on uranium exploration and mining in the Ottawa River watershed, to protect this source of water for now and future generations. This is a view shared by the Ottawa City Council. In fact, Dr. David Salisbury, Ottawa’s Chief Health Officer, said “mining in Sharbot Lake could pose a health hazard to Ottawa” (February 7, 2008) The College of Family Physicians of Ontario, numerous NGO and citizens groups, including fifteen municipalities in the area, urge for a moratorium on uranium mining. This has recently been done in the Grand Canyon water shed by the Colorado Medical Association who called for a state wide moratorium of uranium mining, to protect their aquifers. The Canadian government should do the same and protect the health of millions living in the region.

SK Premier Wall, through his Minister of Crown Corporations, shows his government to be a fool for uranium,

Nuclear among options
Gov’t mulls methods to address power needs
James Wood, The StarPhoenix
Published: Wednesday, April 23, 2008

REGINA — The possibilities for nuclear power in Saskatchewan are growing along with the demand for electricity, Crown Corporations Minister Ken Cheveldayoff said Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters at the legislature, Cheveldayoff restated the government is studying the prospect of nuclear development and no decisions had been made.

But he said he personally believes the chances of a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan have been “enhanced.”

the government of British Columbia bans uranium exploration

Canadian province bans uranium exploration

Thu Apr 24, 9:32 PM ET

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) – British Columbia shut the door on exploring for radioactive minerals on Thursday, saying companies cannot claim rights to them even if the discovery is by accident.

The western Canadian province does not have uranium mines, but several companies have been doing exploration work and the mineral can be found when looking for other resources. The country’s only active uranium mines are in the Prairie province of Saskatchewan.

and bans all uranium projects!

B.C. shuts door on uranium projects


April 25, 2008

VANCOUVER — British Columbia has slapped an official moratorium on uranium exploration and development in the province, reinforcing a long-standing informal ban on the nuclear fuel and dashing the hopes of companies that hoped to take advantage of soaring prices for the commodity.

The ban, announced yesterday, makes B.C. a no-go zone for uranium and confirms a moratorium put in place in 1980 by a previous government responding to anti-nuclear sentiment in the province.

That moratorium lapsed in 1987 but subsequent governments did not move to update it, as companies focused their exploration campaigns on other metals and because there was a widespread view that uranium production would be unpopular in the province.

That changed in recent years, as uranium prices more than doubled and climate change concerns put emissions-free, uranium-fed nuclear power plants in the spotlight.

This is for real!


For Immediate Release


April 24, 2008

Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources


VICTORIA – The Province will not support the exploration and development of uranium in British Columbia and is establishing a “no registration reserve” under the Mineral Tenure Act for uranium and thorium, Minister of State for Mining Kevin Krueger announced today.

“By confirming our position on these radioactive minerals, we are providing certainty and clarity to the mining industry,” said Krueger. “B.C. is an attractive place for mining exploration and investment, and we are committed to fostering a healthy, productive industry.”

The “no registration reserve” will ensure any future claims do not include the rights to uranium. Government will also ensure that all uranium deposits will remain undeveloped. These changes support the BC Energy Plan commitment of no nuclear power.

Uranium is present in many areas of the province and can be encountered while exploring for other mineral resources. Therefore, the Province will also amend the Health, Safety and Reclamation Code concerning exploration for minerals where uranium or thorium are incidentally encountered. The amendments are designed to enhance the protection of workers and the public during exploration-related activities. The amendments also ensure that B.C.’s standards for exploration are consistent with national standards and guidelines.

Today, there is no uranium mining in the province. Development and mining of uranium in Canada is regulated by the federal government through the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. The only uranium mines operating in Canada are in Saskatchewan.


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One thought on “Wise Ban U in BC; Fools Charge Ahead in SK

  1. here is an article from COSMOS magazine – a science related publication.

    “SYDNEY: The case for nuclear power as a sustainable alternative energy source is challenged by new evidence that greenhouse gas emissions from uranium mining are increasing.”

    The full article is available here:


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