NAFTA Hiway: Trouble in Texas!

Politics’n’Poetry has followed the NAFTA Highway story for a long while now. We’re happy to see that the good folks of Texas are hitting the road, so to speak, and speaking out against the international corridor that will make life hell for many!

Texans Battle TTC132

Throngs hit streets of Austin to rally against Trans-Texas Corridor

By Mark Anderson

TEXANS UNITING FOR REFORM and Freedom (TURF) marched up
Congress Avenue and held a big rally on the capitol steps in Austin April 5, short circuiting an apparent underhanded effort to suppress grassroots turnout against the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC).

This is the second straight year that ranchers and various other opponents have converged on Austin to passionately voice their opposition to the TTC, or NAFTA Superhighway, an invasive mega-tollway network that would carve out at least 584,000 acres of Texas land, forcing most landowners to sell their properties at a big loss.

With at least two main arteries (TTC-69 and TTC-35) and numerous offshoots, the overall TTC would have 4,000-plus miles of pavement in Texas alone—with its huge main sections about a quarter-mile wide, including rail and utility lines—and would fan out across the United States, forever changing the face of the nation.

The TTC actually is a transnational highway system for the contemplated North American Union, designed to meld Mexico, the U.S. and Canada together as one big, happy family.

Thanks to Vive le Canada for the lead.

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