Moratoria on Uranium Mining

Two good news pieces in the inbox today!

1) Labrador Inuit vote for uranium mining ban

Labrador’s Nunatsiavut government narrowly passed a controversial bill Tuesday that prohibits uranium mining on Inuit-owned land for three years.

The moratorium, which passed 8-7, goes into effect immediately and will stay in place until March 31, 2011 when it will be revisited, according to a news release.

The ban applies to the working, production, mining and development of uranium in Nunatsiavut, the land settlement area in northern Labrador. However, the Nunatsiavut government said it will still allow uranium exploration, and is willing to work with mining companies while the ban is in place.

2) Highlands East Municipal Council has passed a resolution supporting a moratorium on uranium mining!

Please circulate widely!

After months of discussion between council and community members, Highlands
East Municipal Council has passed a resolution supporting a moratorium on
uranium mining and exploration in Highlands East! You will find the text
of the resolution at the bottom of this message.

Reeve Dave Burton has agreed to take this resolution to county council and
FUME planning to take this resolution to the three other surrounding
municipalities that make up Haliburton County. We hope that the
surrounding municipalities will join with Highlands East and 12 other
municipalities in Ontario and pressure the Province of Ontario to call a
moratorium on uranium mining and exploration.

FUME would like to take this opportunity to thank the council of Highlands
East for their consideration, concern and support. We look forward to
continuing the positive working relationship we have developed with council
in the future. We would also like to thank the many concerned citizens who
have been voicing their opposition to uranium mining and exploration in
Haliburton County. Your voices are being heard!

Heartfelt thanks,

Robin Simpson & Christine Atrill


Fight Uranium Mining and Exploration (FUME) <>

(705) 447-3407


April 8, 2008 Resolution No. 2008-

Moved by: _________________________ Seconded by:

WHEREAS the staking of claims under the Mining Act, and exploration of
uranium is already in progress within this municipality as well as other
municipalities in this part of Ontario;

AND WHEREAS this exploration and development activity proceeds without any
authorization from a municipality, conservation authority or having to
undergo an environmental review and, indeed, may be inconsistent with the
aims of a municipality’s Official Plan;

AND WHEREAS it is believed that open pit uranium mining and associated
milling operations may cause degradation of our recreational environment as
well as danger to health and financial risks to persons and property through
the introduction of recognized toxins into our watersheds, air and land;

AND WHEREAS the context of growth and development in our community has
evolved over the years from one of basic resource production to an economy
more broadly rooted in tourism and recreational pursuits, concomitant with
the booming popularity of cottaging on our numerous lakes, such that
Highlands East now envisions itself as a four-season recreational

AND WHEREAS many small and medium-sized local businesses and commercial
operations such as grocery stores, marinas, motels, restaurants, lumber
yards, hardware stores, artisans and retail shops depend greatly upon the
seasonal influx of cottagers and tourists for a very significant portion of
their annual sales and the related employment this provides;

AND WHEREAS it is felt that uranium mining, whether open pit or otherwise,
is inconsistent with the environmental and recreational reasons that
cottagers locate here and tourists visit, and may lead to a negative impact
upon land values and commercial enterprise, with a potential net loss of

AND WHEREAS municipal tax revenues from recreational waterfront properties
alone make up the largest portion of all tax revenues received in Highlands
East, any negative impact upon property values or assessments would result
in a diminution of revenues, necessitating a curtailment of services offered
to all residents;

AND WHEREAS the Municipalities and Townships of Kingston, Frontenac, Perth,
Carleton Place, Lanark Highlands, Lanark County, North Frontenac, Central
Frontenac, South Frontenac, Tay Valley, Beckwith and the City of Ottawa
have, for reasons of similar concern, all passed resolutions calling on the
Province of Ontario to place a moratorium on all mining and exploration in
Eastern Ontario, to make changes to the Mining Act and to begin settlement
plans for all related native land claims;

AND WHEREAS concerned local citizens groups have begun organizing petitions
and letters of objection from residents opposed to uranium exploration and
mining in Highlands East;

AND WHEREAS these concerned local citizens groups have asked the
Municipality of Highlands East to support and assist in protecting the local
environment, recreational tourism, health, the furtherance of our local
economy and overall well-being of residents;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council for the Municipality of Highlands

1. Petition the Province of Ontario and Premier Dalton McGuinty to
initiate an immediate moratorium on uranium mineral prospecting,
exploration, mining or other processing in Highlands East and its watershed
areas until such time as all environmental and health issues related to
uranium mining are resolved;

2. Request the Province of Ontario and Premier Dalton McGuinty to give
favourable consideration to those similar petitions submitted by other municipalities
in Ontario;

3. Petition the Province of Ontario to undertake an immediate,
comprehensive, public review of the Mining Act, 1990, with a view to curtailing the present system
whereby the sub-surface rights of mineral claims dominate the surface rights of

landowners and, in particular, the situation in which ‘open pit’ mining is
permitted to literally destroy the pre-existing surface such that the original ‘surface’
no longer exists.

AND FURTHER THAT a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Premier of
Ontario, to the Minister of Northern Development and Mines, Ontario, to
Barry Devolin, MP, to Laurie Scott, MPP, and to Haliburton County Council
seeking their support.


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