Rally @ Lukiwski’s Office

Leader Post photo of rally at Lukiwski's office Although the photo doesn’t show it, close to 100 gathered at MP Tom Lukiwski’s office to offer their support to a call for disciplinary action on Tom Lukiwski over homophobic remarks he made at a Saskatchewan Conservative Party party several years ago, in the House of Commons during the same-sex marriage debate, and as recently as last summer on the golf course, according to a source close to P’n’P.

Speakers reminded the crowd that this is about a bigger issue and that unless the Government of Canada takes action, as they did with Larry Spencer who held the riding before Lukiwski, it will appear that the government condones such behaviour.

Nathan Markwart, one of the organizers, summarized the impact of Lukiwski’s words and the reason for coming together as the B-Team:

Tom Lukiwski said there are two classes of people — there’s A people and then there’s B people. What we’re saying is if an A person casts people out … makes everyone else an outsider that isn’t exactly like them and perpetuates prejudice, then we don’t want to be A!

B-Team organizers not only called for Harper to relieve Lukiwski of his duties as Parliamentary Secretary and remove him from Caucus, but also called on the Harper administration to show the government’s good faith by providing funding for anti-homophobia work and proper health care services for those who have been traumatized by homophobia.

The Leader-Post story is here.

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