UPDATE: Lukiwski then, then, and now

P’n’P has just received word that a number of community groups in Regina (the Pride Committee, the Gay and Lesbian Community of Regina, PFLAG, GBLUR, Queer City Cinema) have established an ad hoc coalition, The B-Team, and invite all to rally at Tom Lukiwski’s office (965 McIntosh Street) on Tuesday, April 8 at noon. The community will also come together at 7:30 pm in the GLCR, 2070 Broad Street to hear speakers and view the infamous video.

See you there!


Then: Tom Lukiwski, October 1991 as captured on video:

“Well, let me put it to you this way. There’s A’s and there’s B’s. The A’s are guys like me, the B’s are homosexual faggots with dirt on their fingernails that transmit diseases.”


Then: Tom Lukiwski, June 2005 on the same sex marriage debate in the House of Commons:

“…I want to put on the record that I will be opposing this legislation. I have stated that many times before and I will continue to state my opposition to this legislation in the future. I will not go into all the reasons why. Many of my colleagues have expressed the views I hold far more eloquently than I could ever do, but I do want to point out a couple of things.

“I firmly believe that by passing this legislation, we start on a very slippery slope which could affect societal change in a very adverse way. I see things which have been expressed before that could come down the pike, things like polygamy and others, while hiding behind the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I am fearful that societal change could happen.


Now: Tom Lukiwski, April 2008 rising on a Point of Privilege in the House of Commons:

“First and foremost, I want to apologize to all of my friends and colleagues who are gay or lesbian. I have no idea what they must think of me now. I have no idea what they were thinking when they first heard or read about my comments. To say that I am ashamed is not putting it in context and certainly not putting it in strong enough terms.

“Their friendship and support for me during my entire career and my personal life has been extremely important to me, and today I ask their forgiveness. Just being in the public sphere means little to me compared to the opinion that I value of their opinion toward me, and to them I say I am truly sorry.

“To the entire gay and lesbian community, I also want to extend my deepest and most abject apologies.”


Is it just me, or does that apology ring more than a little hollow?


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