Rabid Anti-Feminist Men, Take 2

There is much I would like to write about rabid anti-feminist men, but I find that my life is too busy right now to detail the ones I’ve encountered just this week. I suppose I could narrow it to just those who consider themselves progressive, but even that would take longer than the time I have.

So, I’ll just pile onto a post by F-email Fightback.

Just over a year ago, P’n’P wrote about a rabid anti-feminist man who was challenging a researcher’s right to name him a rabid anti-feminist man. Well, today I see that our sisters at CUPW have posted a similar story about a man who lost his defamation case against Status of Women Canada and the Minister Responsible.

F-email Fightback has written previously about the British Columbia Supreme Court challenge where Fathers Rights Activist Ken Wiebe went to trial in his legal suit against “radical feminists” within Status of Women Canada and the Federal Minister responsible for SWC

Well, he lost his defamation suit over a report he said portrayed him as “hate-monger.”

I guess it’s one of those, if the shoe fits cases.


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