Thar be munnee in that thar yeller stuff!

From cradle to grave, there’s big bucks in the nuclear cycle:

From the National Post:

“We think that Fronteer should have a steady flow of exploration results through the year that may act as catalysts for the share price,” he wrote in a note.

Fronteer is teamed up with Teck Cominco Ltd. in Turkey and Newmont Mining Corp. in Nevada, giving it a pair of established partners. It also holds a 42% stake in Aurora Energy Resources inc., which has made significant uranium discoveries in Labrador. Mark O’Dea is chief executive of both companies.

“We think that using Fronteer as a vehicle to invest in Aurora is reasonable,” Mr. Schatzker noted.

From Investment U:

The yellow stuff that drives almost every reactor in the world – uranium – has reached a supply gap that dwarfs the wildest dreams of the most successful oil or coal investors. In fact, worldwide uranium demand already exceeds supply by 139%, and it could take a decade or more before mines are able to crank up production.

No wonder prices have jumped almost 500% in five years, from just $7 a pound in 2000 to well over $40 today. But with demand, especially from China, outstripping supply by tens of millions of pounds a year with no end in sight, prices should continue to skyrocket.

So how can you invest in this burgeoning market? This report will show you three proven strategies for investing in uranium to maximize your profit potential.

According to MSNBC:

Areva already makes $2.2 billion in revenues a year on treating and recycling waste. The plant at Beaumont-Hague takes in 22,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel a year, from France, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Australia. The foreign fuel by law must be returned to its owners once it has been reprocessed into a more stable form that — through lack of alternatives — is buried or held in storage.

Meanwhile, children the world over suffer from inadequate healthcare.

2 thoughts on “Thar be munnee in that thar yeller stuff!

  1. Whooee! I see that you’ve discovered the same thing I have. If you want to know what’s happening in the nuclear industry, you need to read the financial section of the papers. Various problems at Sharbot Lake and Port Hope have been written as business stories that affect shareholders more than they affect residents. Money talks. In the case of the nuke industry, that talk is most often in the form of stock quotations.


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