Harper’s Ongoing War on Women

JimBobby, Impolitical, Scotian, POGGE, and 900ft Jesus are all over this spinning top.  It is yet another piece to be added to the AECL/MDS Nordion medical isotopes scandal that Prime Minister Harper, Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn and Health Minister Tony Clement have created.

Harper’s support of Lunn is reprehensible.
In praising Lunn for his mistreatment of Ms Keen, Harper blatantly condones abusive behavior towards women.  (Review Keen’s day in Parliament, too, for more examples of that abusive behavior.  And then there are all the changes around Status of Women Canada)  I guess it is part of his support for the War on Women.  Harper’s support for Lunn also demonstrates support for a brand of fascism which many of us believed to be a thing of the past.  But then Harper studied Stalin, not Hitler.

The light in this, for me, is it is helping me to understand why so many men in recent weeks think they have the right to scold women who challenge sexism and abuse, who work for change and get “uppity” on their behavior.  Not that I accept the scolding, just that I understand it a little more clearly.  It becomes even more acceptable in the mainstream, regardless of ideological bend, when even the Prime Minister approves of it.

I can’t help but wonder what got Harper and MDS-Nordion all worked up. Perhaps it was this US story, in December, in which a new supplier of medical isotopes announces its forthcoming launch. If alternatives to the isotopes MDS Nordion supply will be available to the huge US market in March of this year, then MDS Nordion will lose money.  That would not make Harper’s friends happy.  (If we know anything about the Cons, it’s that they like to keep their friends happy.)  And if no one wants what AECL and MDS Nordion offer, then who will want to purchase AECL when it’s on the chopping block?

3 thoughts on “Harper’s Ongoing War on Women

  1. Thanks for the links. Sexism probably does play a role. I hadn’t really considered that. When we picture nuclear scientists, I think we tend to think of men in white coats. Mme. Curie notwithstanding.

    I think the writing is on the wall for AECL. It will be sold, maybe even in a bankruptcy sale. Like every other nuclear operator, AECL cannot exist in a free market. Massive subsidies are all that has kept the worldwide industry alive. When successive Cdn governments stopped funding AECL to the extent required, they sealed its fate. Too bad so many millions have been wasted when 100’s of millions were needed. But then, MDS has been chugging along quite nicely with its product coming from an ancient, underserviced, underfunded NRU. That NRU has continued to operate with taxpayer help, has no doubt meant bigger profits for MDS.

    If we said we will quit supplying MDS, altogether, they’d have a new supplier lined up in days, if not hours.

    When AECL is sold, CANDU technology will be mothballed and all Cdn AECL jobs and activities will cease. GE doesn’t want CANDU. Their own design is 50% more cost effective. I’m starting to think they only want AECL so they can shut it down and eliminate a competitor. No company would buy such a white elephant with the idea of investing the billions Canada did not invest while they let it rot.

    CANDU and Avro Arrow will be side by side in the history books.


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