My Obama bubble burst

Well, my bubble about Obama burst. Backtracking to catch up on what’s been said in the Democratic Party’s campaign for leadership, I listened to comments about nuclear power. Obama could stand to learn a bit from that lovely Edwards fella who seems entirely on top of the issue. See for yourself:


Obama completely bumbled on that one. Sigh. Too bad he doesn’t see the nukers as part of the oil and gas cabal. It was too good to be true, eh? I guess he could still be friends with Tommy Douglas, though, especially given what the SK NDP did with uranium.


10 thoughts on “My Obama bubble burst

  1. Oh, did I neglect to mention that, policy-wise and ideologically, Obama is just as status quo-affirming as Senator Clinton?


    More from that lovely Edwards fella that will likely make you even happier.

    One thing I’m glad of is that I don’t have a vote in the upcoming elections.
    (Who’s running on the Socialist Equality Party ticket this year?)

    And yes, I realize our own electoral choices here in the Great White North are just as limited. Sigh.


  2. If your Obama bubble has burst, then who would you, if you were an American, want to see in the Oval Office? Seems to me that Obama, Clinton and Edwards all have something wrong with them.

    Edwards is against Nuclear power but supports bio-fuels. Bio-fuels turn food into fuel. This process inflates food prices for the poor and causes immediate problems.

    Clinton does not have an answer. She is “agnostic” and she says the “we” will create a solution. “We” being Americans. “We” is not a collaborative word.

    Obama supports nuclear power. It is cleaner but does have the disposal problem.

  3. Look, it’s great that a black man is doing so fantastic. I wish him well — very well, in fact. He’d be a helluvalot better than Bush, for sure. But why would I want to support a man whose politics I don’t support? In terms of his politics, well, they’re lacking. I’d probably throw my support behind Kucinich who seems far more progressive in his views than both Obama and Edwards.

    Your argument about bio-fuels does little to convince me of anything. It’s a non-argument. There are ways around inflating food prices.

    Hilary is a huge disappointment for women, imnsho.

    Finally, if you’d spend a bit of time wandering the pages of P’n’P, you’d soon discover that nuclear power is far from clean. GHGs are emitted at every stage of the nuclear process.

  4. I’ve been on the fence between Obama and Edwards. This one has drawn me back towards Edwards, and indeed the bubble I also had about Obama bursted. I hope for an Obama/Edwards slate, and this video has only helped to solidify my opposition to Clinton.

  5. jan.08 2008>>>Hah . Time for the talking heads to eat crow??? lololol
    Hillary did what I expected from her and prove my Gut feeling She is the Real Deal the steady one with solid base and skill and the right motives . Wit all respect to Osama’s special talent for speaking … he is the apprentice yet. She can offer far more for the transformation what is inevitable and everybody wants..
    I was afraid Obama actually would crash down the Democratic Cause and evoke a strong opposition when it Comes to the final run “CHANGE AMERICA?” sounds revolution what is not going To happen. I don’t think Obama would win nationally .
    yes Hillary has the right way for the change ..
    Wake Up…. sober up everybody. !!

  6. Perhaps you’re celebrating a little heartily, marta. Hillary has only proven that she can pull the vote in a state she was first expected to win by a huge margin. That she won by only 2 percentage points seems to suggest her campaign is in trouble.

    That she remains standing at all, given the incredible attacks she consistently endures from the media and the pundits and the sexist pigs, says a lot. That she can stay standing until the end remains to be seen.

    Obama had nothing to lose and fared extremely well in NH. And his concession speech was more a victory speech than Hillary’s! He is an orator and she is most decidedly not.

  7. What I am really happy about is how the media generally got a real kick in the arse what was long overdue.. and now eating crow,,, they hyped themselves into some bizarre adulation for the guy who is a great orator .. but very little else ..the more I am following what the guy say on actual questions is the more I am turned off.. yes I was also impressed with the Big Speech and I thought we have a very special talent here .But again Regan was an absolute smoother while speaking and delivered a very bad Government/in My opinion/

    Obama seems to offer Chose me and then we together will figure out what to do and how….
    The Economy is getting really bad hell may come to earth and we need some very good heads to be on the top.

    I know the race just began But I tend to consider Hillary as the best offer while Obama has Style . Change yes but not with an apprentice.
    We will see

    I just discovered your website and found it EXCELLENT!!!

  8. Most people don’t understand how a nuclear power plant works! The problem is not only the disposal of the radioactive material!!!! In fact that’s the one thing that we can most easily control! The real uncertainties and dangers are:
    – mining the uranium contaminates our ground water and air.
    -transporting the uranium is dangerous
    -Once the uranium is converted and used inside the core of the reactor: there are risks of radioactive material/fluids leaking into the ground water and the air.
    -A human error (like in Tchernobyl) or a computer/mechanical error can cause a huge accident that contaminates huge areas for a very long time
    -terrorists may attack the nuclear plant.
    -the real cost of shutting down and dismantling an old Nuclear power plant is unpredictable and never taken in consideration : the tax payers end up paying the bill a few generations later!

    WAKE UP PEOPLE !!! We must pressure Obama to change his position in order to earn our votes between now and April!! We need a movement within the Obama movement to pressure him to listen to us and to educate the voters that Nuclear Power plants are NOT ok!
    I have no doubt in my mind that America’s economic and technological strength can come up fairly quickly with the funding and brains to develop new alternative clean energies. YES WE CAN !
    Just look how fast computer technology has evolved and become part of our everyday life. Why can’t we do the same with alternative energies? YES WE CAN !

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