Chalk River: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

At the urging of our Prime Minister, Parliament thought itself wiser than those appointed to ensure the safety of Canadians, and reopened the Chalk River nuclear reactor.  Since then, according to Impolitical’s detailed description, two earthquakes have occurred near the Chalk River nuclear facility.

Contrary to what Harper has said, Chalk River is a nuclear disaster waiting to happen.  Perhaps Parliament’s first order of business when it reconvenes later this month should be to heed the advice of its nuclear regulator and shut down the AECL facility at Chalk River until all repairs have been completed.

Or, maybe it’s that Harper wants some kind of disaster to occur.  It might give him the edge he so desperately needs in order to proceed whole-heartedly with programs and policies in line with those enacted by his buddy Dubya post-9/11.

To ImpoliticalNow.

One thought on “Chalk River: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

  1. So now that this is really out in the open, where or who are these people who cause wars to happen if some other country refuses them to inspect ?
    The politics of the day don’t ease any fears within the subject matters.
    I see a terrorist act being worked out hear and have good reason to believe so!
    Its not what you can only see its also about what you cant see, and who are the people who cannot build correctly the replacement reactors ?
    Are they running around advertising to this day there professionalism ECT ?

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