Dillman Will Not Die for Uranium (and I don’t blame her)

From The Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium news that Donna Dillman has ended her hunger strike after 66 days.   Politics’n’Poetry thanks her for her determination and courage in shedding light on the dangers of uranium mining in such a personal way.  Premier McGuinty should carry some shamed for ignoring this issue, especially in light of recent goings-on in the nuclear industry in Canada and around the world.  (And, actually, Donna, you should know  that P’n’P’s blog statistics show that the Government of Ontario has been visiting P’n’P to read up on the Sharbot Lake situation.)

Readers of P’n’P can send their thanks to Donna via this email <uraniumnews@mail.ccamu.ca>.  Tell her, “Well done, sister!”



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium (CCAMU) announced today that they would hold public hearings throughout Eastern Ontario in the New Year on the environmental and health impacts of uranium mining.

“We have been asking the government to hold an inquiry into uranium mining and they have failed to respond” said Wolfe Erlichman of CCAMU. “In the absence of action, on behalf of the McGuinty government, we are going to hold a citizen’s inquiry and invite the Premier to attend. We will even go to his home town to accommodate him.”

A number of NGO’s including Greenpeace, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, David Suzuki Foundation, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, Voice of Women and Sierra Club of Canada have endorsed the hearings or will participate as expert witnesses.

CCAMU will be calling for public and expert submissions to take place at hearings to be held in Kingston, Ottawa and Peterborough in February/March. In response to the hearings Donna Dillman, who has not eaten since October 8th 2007, said she will end her hunger strike.

“I began this hunger strike to shine a light on the problem of uranium mining in eastern Ontario with the hope that Premier McGuinty would call a moratorium on further mining and exploration” said Dillman. “We have not yet got a moratorium but these hearings are a great opportunity to inform and educate Ontarians about some of the detrimental effects of uranium mining and to keep the pressure on the McGuinty government.”

“Donna has made an incredible personal sacrifice in pushing for this moratorium. It is time for the environmental community to take some of the heavy lifting from Donna before she suffers any serious health impacts” said Gideon Foreman Executive Director of Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment.

“These hearing s will be an opportunity to further expose the unfolding economic, health and environmental disaster associated with the global nuclear agenda” said Bruce Cox Executive Director of Greenpeace Canada. “Mr. McGuinty is wrong when he says we need to mine uranium here to keep the lights on. This uranium is bound for export.”

Donna Dillman has not eaten since October 8th, 2007-a full 66 days ago. Ms. Dillman has been calling on Premier McGuinty to announce a moratorium on further mining and exploration in Eastern Ontario until a full public inquiry on the health and environmental impacts of uranium mining can take place.

On Tuesday of this week Ms. Dillman stopped drinking juices and had been surviving solely on water. She ate her first bite of food in front of the supporters who had gathered in MPP Peter Tabuns’ office, just after the press conference held in the Queen’s Park press gallery. Four other women, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, Rita Bijons, Sharon Howarth and Karen Buck, had joined Dillman on her hunger strike this past Tuesday, to show their solidarity. They broke their fast today, just after Dillman ate a small amount of mashed squash. It has been recommended by her health practitioners that she slowly resume a diet of solid food, given the length of time her stomach has been without it.

Contact: Lynn Daniluk
Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium

8 thoughts on “Dillman Will Not Die for Uranium (and I don’t blame her)

  1. My dear sweet lord (I don’t have one) but good gawdess, marching, lobbying, getting arrested sure doesn’t work. A hunger strike is so courageous. Donna my entire pants/and undies are off to you womyn. But I damn sure know that if we don’t do anything, nothing will change. And I know that it’s a time for action. You’ve staked your life on this hugely important issue, your rare and decidedly special. Blessings from anywhere are yours. Take care now, and come out fighting again in another way. We are watching, you have supporters, sacrifices aren’t noticed so much, but yours was incredibly worthwhile. Blessings!

  2. I am so glad to see ideologues such as ReWind comment on these pages. She (I don’t know how moonbat feminists write that word to eliminate the hated word “he”) is a perfect example of the kind of people these misguided movements attract. If you folks could only stand outside of your forest and see how ridiculous you all look. It is the picture of the mouse kicking at the elephant’s foot trying to get him to move.

  3. If you folks could only stand outside of your forest and see how ridiculous you all look.

    If you could only develop a more acute awareness of irony (start with the man in the mirror, motes and planks, etc).

    Now run along home to your bridge, little troll; I for one don’t plan on giving you any further nourishment. However, I’m sure if you wait long enough, a set of cloven hooves will soon be heard tramp-tramping overhead. Maybe then you can eat your fill.

  4. I’d say it’s Freudian: forest…things that grow;
    mouse… something that is very small, though its owner wishes it was elephantine

  5. Earth Soldier

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    Don Robinson

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