ACTION: Support Sharbot Lake Hunger Striker

The dangers of uranium mining are well known, yet the denial industry is in full swing. One woman is trying to make a difference for future generations. Please take the time to help her. From CCAMU – The Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium


Donna Dillman began her hunger strike outside of the gates of the uranium protest site near Sharbot Lake, on October 8th at 12pm. She is calling for a moratorium on uranium mining in Eastern Ontario and is asking people to show their support by contacting local politicians, media outlets, internet blogs and any organization you feel may be of help.

Having waited ten days for Premier McGuinty to get back to her on the question of exports, Donna Dillman, who has been refusing food for 63 days, has now formally requested a meeting with the Premier. “He committed to supplying a response to my inquiry about why we have to put the health of a million people at risk, upstream of Ottawa, when we currently export most of the uranium mined in Canada,” Dillman said in a speech at the Climate Change rally on Saturday.

The 53 year-old grandmother, from near the Sharbot Lake uranium drilling site, continued, “I’d hoped it would not come to this, but, as I speak, diamond drills are being readied to penetrate the ground for uranium ore samples upriver of my children and grandchildren. When that happens, radon gas, the second highest cause of lung cancer, will be released into the air.”

Go here to send a message to McGuinty. Need more info? Here is what P’n’P has blogged to date. Go here for the full meal deal.

Thanks to World Report for the lead.

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