Update: Panty Power Campaign

Here’s an update on the Free Burma Global Action: Panty Power Campaign!

Filipino activists pin hopes on ‘panty power’ vs Burma junta
By DJ Yap
Last updated 06:58pm (Mla time) 10/26/2007
MANILA, Philippines — It was “flower power” in the ’60s, “people power” in the ’80s, and now, activists are pinning their hopes on “panty power.”

Women activists hurled thongs, red bikinis, even granny underwear at the Myanmar Embassy in Makati City Friday, in an odd but culturally relevant protest targeting the military junta’s violent crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations in the reclusive nation.

Mirroring protests in Australia, the United Kingdom and Thailand, the “panty protest” held particular significance for members of the junta who believe any contact with women’s undergarments could sap their strength.

Thus, while the act of throwing one’s panties at rock stars may be considered a sign of admiration here, to Burma’s superstitious military generals, the gesture is high insult.

“We wanted to hit them where it hurts,” said Isagani Abunda, campaign officer of the Free Burma Coalition Philippines, which organized Friday’s demonstration in front of the embassy on Amorsolo Street.

Haven’t sent off your knickers?  S’okay, you still can.  And, on this day where we in Canada commemorate those 14 women massacred in Montreal, we can take positive actions in other places of the globe where state violence is the norm.  Become a sister for a woman political prisoner in Burma.

And get those pannies in the post!

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