Spying on U mines?

Oy! Now the pronukers want us to be scared that someone might risk radiation poisoning to steal uranium from a mine? Can you say bogeyman?

It just keeps getting stupider and stupider! From TheChronicleHerald.ca:

Tenders out for satellite imagery to keep tabs on nuclear facilities, uranium mines

By CHRIS LAMBIE Staff Reporter
Wed. Dec 5 – 6:35 AM
Canada is exploring the idea of spying from space on uranium mines and nuclear facilities.

The country’s nuclear watchdog “has been investigating the use of satellite imagery for nuclear safeguards purposes,” say tendering documents released this week.

Those documents outline how the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has teamed up with defence scientists and the Canadian Space Agency to probe methods of keeping tabs on nuclear facilities and uranium mines using space-borne, high-resolution radar and other high-tech forms of clandestine surveillance.

Two advanced-contract award notices issued this week outline $100,000 worth of studies that aim to fulfil a request for assistance from the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

The objective of one of the studies is to produce methods of using satellite imagery to assess changes occurring over time at uranium mines.

“The (International Atomic Energy Agency) has requested that the analysis be continued and completed as soon as possible,” say tendering documents.

The intention of the second study is to analyze techniques using satellite imagery “which may be used for detection of undeclared activities.”


Hey, here’s an idea: Save us all and LEAVE URANIUM IN THE GROUND!!!

One thought on “Spying on U mines?

  1. Whooee! This sounds like an extension of the common Merkan idea that advanced air power can defeat primitive ground operations. How’s that workin’ in EyeRack? Afstan? Nuke plants are a candy store fer dirty-bomb makers. Ontario Power Generation is currently training its own paramilitary force to guard existing reactors. Spy in the sky? Or, pie in the sky? If Ontario spends $40 billion on new nukes like it sez, how much will we spend on satellites to watch over them disasters-waiting-to-happen?


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