Canadians saying no to uranium mining

No nukes activists may not have the big bucks that the pro nukes have to publicize their cause. But that doesn’t mean they’re doing nothing! How refreshing to see a provincial New Democratic Party calling for a uranium mining ban! (Hey Lorne, take notes!)

N.S. New Democrats call for permament ban on uranium mining

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia New Democrats plan to introduce legislation tonight to permanently ban uranium mining in the province.The province introduced a ban in 1982 but its status has been unclear since 1995. NDP environment critic Graham Steele says the mining industry in the province has done nicely since the early 1980s without uranium and he wants to make the ban permanent.


Meanwhile, non-natives are actively supporting the Sharbot First Nation in Ontario. (Refresher on the Sharbot.)

Settlers and Natives, United Against the Government

John and Sheila Kittle, a conservative, middle-age retired couple – he a math and physics graduate who worked in computers, she a registered nurse – who say they have never before considered themselves “activist” but who today are key members of a grassroots rebellion.

“We believe,” says John Kittle, “that we are making Canadian history.”

What they and hundreds of other white neighbours are doing is standing with the aboriginals who first set up a blockade back in June.


And in Alberta a no nukes convoy protests at the Legislature.

Nuclear protest convoy dumps on Alberta reactor

A group of protesters drove almost 500 kilometres from northern Alberta to deposit fake leaky barrels of radioactive waste on the steps of the legislature in a demonstration Monday against a proposal for the province’s first nuclear power plant.


“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

That quote takes on a whole ‘nother meaning, when there are many small groups of committed citizens working on an issue.

Thanks, Alison@Creekside, for the gentle nudge.


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