Sask Uranium off to Russia

They, the nukers that is, are really ramming us these days:

Canadas day for deals
Lunn’s announcements came at the same time as a high-level meeting with officials from Russia’s nuclear industry. Russian prime minister Viktor Zubkov led a delegation including Sergei Kiriyenko, head of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency (Rosatom), and Vadim Zhivov, director general of AtomRedMetZoloto (ARMZ).

Kiriyenko signed a memorandum of understanding with Canada’s state-owned AECL ‘for cooperation in the field of peaceful use of nuclear technologies.’ Lunn said that his ministry would be conducting a full review of the structure of AECL. “It’s time to consider whether the existing structure of AECL is appropriate in a changing marketplace,” he said.

Zhivov concluded a deal with Gerry Grandey of Canada’s uranium producer, Cameco, to surpass previous deals Cameco made with Tenex. As part of the restructuring and centralization of Russia’s industry, ARMZ has been given control of all Russia’s uranium mining assets previously controlled by Tenex. Stock in both ARMZ and Tenex is now owned by a new giant, AtomEnergoProm.

ARMZ and Cameco are to create joint venture companies to prospect and mine uranium in both countries. They have already identified deposits in northwestern Russia and the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Nunavut.


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