Saskatchewan’s Wall doling out dough

Well, people of Saskatchewan and the world, it’s looking like we have a real nuclear war accelerating in this province!  Our new premier, Mr. Brad Wall, is appointing high-falutin’, exhorbitantly high-paid, pro-nuke managers and assistants all over the place.  And, he has the nerve to cry about the cupboards being bare!

Here’s what Eye on Saskatchewan has to say about some of the Wall shenanigans:

Shortly (and I really mean shortly) after been sworn in as the new Premier, Brad Wall claimed that Calvert and the NDP left the cupboard bare and that some belt tightening would have to be done. Wall claims that the “province’s books are not in good order, and that the future looks pretty stark.” Wall also would not rule out job cuts in the future when he was pressured by reporters.

Let us call that one “Heads”

Today,it was announced in the Leader Post, that Iain Harry will be joining Premier Wall’s team at measly $12,500 a month; Reg Downs ,Wall’s chief of staff at $13,693 a month; Terri Harris, deputy chief of staff at $10,900 per month; Ian Hanna, premier’s communications adviser at $9,600 per month; Kathy Young, executive director of communications at $9,900 per month; Terri Gudmundson, executive director of house business at $9,600 per month; James Saunders, senior policy adviser at $8,155 per month and Joe Donlevy; who was chair of the Saskatchewan Party election campaign, as special adviser to Wall at a salary of $12,500 per month.

Let us call that one “Tails”

So this is where I could use a little help….. could someone please flip the coin so that I can figure out if the cupboards are bare and we need to prepare the Saskatchewan people for possible jobs cuts…. or is the cupboard full enough that we can pay exorbitant salaries for our friends and widen the gap between the rich and the rest of us, forgetting middle and working class families!

Oh, while your flipping that coin, could you also let me know why the CFIB, CTF and NSBA were so upset and concerned over the severance pay of the Legislature staff and yet they are not saying a word about these salaries?

Let us always remember and never forget that what Brad Wall has learned about politics, he learned from the Grant Devine and Brian Mulroney administrations.

6 thoughts on “Saskatchewan’s Wall doling out dough

  1. Do you know where I could find the Order in Council appointments to Ministerial staff? I have heard that the Sask Party Government is paying its ministerial staff considerably more money than the NDP chiefs of Staff. A NDP chief of staff was paid 70,000 and I hear that the Sask Party chiefs of staff are being paid over 100,000. We need to pay close attention to the future cuts that this government is going to make with regard to early literacy programs, social assistance and child care subsidy. I certainly hope that this government doesn’t force people onto the streets with cuts to housing. I for one will be extremely angry if I find out low income families have to quit university or leave their jobs because the the government no longer helps them pay for child care, while they find money to pave roads to nowhere and hire their fat cat conservative friends in the private sector. It should also be known that John Wright deputy minister has been fired after serving 30 years in the public sector and was non political. He was one of the most respected pubic servants in this province.

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  3. Time has proven you quite wrong about CTF silence on this issue. We have highlighted this on our blog (, our Let’s Talk Taxes column, and issued a freedom of information request regarding the salaries and severance.

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