Minor flood?!?

There is no way we can allow expansion of the uranium industry in this province!  It’s already made enough of a mess.  And now, Cameco makes more of a toxic mess in Saskatchewan’s north.  Seriously folks, radioactive water floods a place and it’s minor?

Cameco deals with minor flood at Rabbit Lake

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 | 1:59 PM CT

Cameco is trying to mop up a minor flood at one of its northern Saskatchewan uranium mines.

Water is seeping into the Eagle Point mine at Cameco’s Rabbit Lake operation. The Saskatoon-based uranium giant says the flow of water is 40 to 50 cubic metres per hour.

At that rate, it would take about two days to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The company has the ability to get the water out, but a surface pump is in the middle of an upgrade so Cameco is scaling back work in some areas of the mine.

“We are closely monitoring … the water and of course it’s all being sent for treatment or being stored in designated areas underground,” said Cameco spokesman Lyle Krahn.

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