Racism Alive and Thriving in the RCMP & the SPP?

I haven’t heard much about the BRAR vs RCMP or the Dr. Chander Grover cases at all in the MSM.  Some info, including the media addresses to which this information has been passed, is below.  It would seem, in light of recent events, that our mainstream media are complicit, then, in maintaining our corrupt police force.  And that corrupt force is party to negotiations on a continental Security and Prosperity Partnership.  Aye karumba, folks!  Are we in for it!

From: bobhughes-scar@hotmail.com
To: spnews@sp.canwest.com;  newsroom@leaderpost.canwest.com; reginanews@rawlco.com; sasknews@cbc.ca; service@macleans.ca;
Subject: Shameful Cases of Exclusion and Abuse
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 17:06:48 -0200

Mahasti Khakpour, Project Coordinator
“Making Canada Inclusive and Safe’ Conference
Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan

Dear Ms Khakpour:
We received a brochure of your conference and it looks very good. I, personally am unable to attend the conference, however, we are assisting with several Human Rights cases,
two of which fit very well with the theme; BRAR vs RCMP and GROVER vs NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF CANADA.    ( we urgently ask for your participants’ help) 
           Sgt. Yarinder Singh Brar‘s treatment by the RCMP casts a stain on the force and impairs it’s ability to serve all Canadians in a fair, equitable and competent manner. Sgt. Brar is an immigrant member of the RCMP, of the Sikh faith, who came to Canada in 1975.

           In 1987, after graduating at the top of his class, Sgt. Brar became an officer with the Halton Police Service. While serving there, he was recognized for a number of accomplishments; among other things , he 
initiated the Halton Ethnic Liason Program to attract more minorities to the force and he also received the Chief’s certificate for outstanding service.

            In 1989, with deep regret, he resigned from the HRPS to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a member of the RCMP. Since that time, including during his basic training at the Training academy, Sgt. Brar
has suffered ongoing racism, and retaliation for confronting this abuse.

             After completing his basic training, Sgt. Brar served in postings in Prince George B.C. and at  the Toronto Airport Detachment. At both of those postings, Sgt. Brar continued to face outrageous racial abuse
and retaliation!

             In 2003, Sgt. Brar was promoted to Cpl as an instructor at the Training Academy in Regina. Sgt. Brar
served as a great source of support for recruits who had their own experiences of racism during their training.
This we know from our own involvement with these recruits at the Training Academy.

             In 2003, Sgt. Brar was chosen to go to Sierra Leonne as a member of Canada’s U.N. policing Con-
tingent.  In Sierra Leonne, he performed superbly, as documented by reports and performance appraisals.
Nevertheless, he continued to experience the abuse of officials from the RCMP hierarchy. Two of his fellow
RCMP members bullied some of the local house staff, African Citizens, referring to them as “fucking niggers”,
“stupid fucking niggers”, and “stupid fucking bush monkeys”. When Sgt. Brar tried to bring this abuse to the attention of authorities, they failed to follow up on these serious issues.  Before Sgt. Brar finished his tour of duty in Africa, he was informed that his substantive position in the  Diversity Management branch at RCMP HQ
in Ottawa had been disbanded. Sgt. Brar was the only returning member from his tour of duty to not be placed into a job.

              Yes,  racism is alive and well in the RCMP. Canada’s national police force and identifying symbol is certainly NOT inclusive or safe.  Sgt. Brar, whose health and family continue to suffer the consequences of
this shameful behaviour, has further CHR Tribunal hearings scheduled for May 2008.   We know, only too well
the outrageous length of time that such processes take.  What Sgt. Brar and his family need NOW is ACTION!!

               WHAT MUST WE DO ?

               1)  Contact your MP and demand that the RCMP justly resolve this case with Sgt. Brar, without having
                    to continue with the costly, never ending Tribunal process.(there is some urgency to that action!
                2) Demand that a meaningful process be put in place within the RCMP to rid the force of their
                    accepted practices of denial, retaliation and silencing of anyone who dares to confront the
                    racism and sexism which is clearly rampant in the force.        

         Dr. Chander Grover’s case is clearly one  which shows how far the Government of Canada will
go to ensure that , as a nation, we are NOT INCLUSIVE and SAFE!!   

Dr. Grover is a Canadian scientist of East Indian origin who has been in a fight for equality in his employment with the National Research Council for the past TWENTY YEARS!!  Over that
time, the NRC has orchestrated  an exorbatantly expensive plan of harassment and discriminat-
ion against him, which was first contrived to destroy his then-highly successful research career in a leading technology field.  The NRC actions then advanced into overt acts of harassment and humiliation in the workplace, and then into organized attempts to adversly attack his pers-
onal well-being.

The NRC has already been condemned for their actions, TWICE, by a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, which found that it’s actions were racially motivated. The government subsequently lost appeals and other actions in courts and other jurisdictions. However, the
government has all the lawyers and an  unlimited source of our tax money to carry on such
unjust battles almost in definitely. AND CARRY ON THEY HAVE!!

Released documents show that the Auditor General of Canada, Sheila Fraser secretly
investigated his case and informed the then Minister for Industry, Ms. Lucienne Robillard,
that the consequences of a settlement with Dr. Grover could involve millions of dollars and a
guaranteed job for him. The former government opted instead to adopt a ” new management
approach” for Dr. Grover, which grossly intensified the adverse actions taken against him with
the specific purpose of causing serious harm to him.

As unbelievable as it seems, Ms Robillard created a publicly-funded working group to work on what they termed the “Grover Problem” . The goal of the working group ( as defined
by NRC documents) is to organize and step up actions against Dr. Grover. This government
working group, which includes members of the Privy Council Office and other government
agencies, was given resources to hire additional legal, human resources, and communications
experts from the private sector to pursue this “problem”.  The government working group , as per NRC documents, was focused on results:  (a)  fire Grover; and  (b) GROVER DIES— in
order to find a final solution to the Grover Problem.

The plan devised by this group subjected Dr. Grover to intensified harassment and
humiliation, threatening his health in every way. He was bombarded with unjust threats of insubordination, suspension and termination ( 80 times in one year alone, showing disregard for
his health, as noted in a 2005 labour board hearing. the following was imposed: he was indef-
initely suspended without cause, and then dismissed without cause, was locked out of his office, was threatened if he contacted his work colleagues, had his salary stopped, and the remedies of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and other legal agreements were unilaterally cancelled.

In the course of doing so, they were successful in creating a caustic and stressful work environment expressly designed to adversly affect his health; such as , Health Canada
has since advised NRC that it is an unsuitable place for him to work, for health reasons. As
opposed to fixing this stressful workplace environment, NRC responded by unfairly terminating
his employment. They also refused to accept the sickness notes issued by certified doctors
and threatened to levy disciplinary actions.

The NRC, with Government of Canada support, has and continues to flagrantly flout the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act and it’s own
policy in this regard.


The Grover case has been covered extensivly by media over the past several years.
You can find more information at the following sites:




!.)  Contact the Prime Minister and your MP and demand and end to the use of
your tax money for such shameful purposes , ( A letter from Dr. Grover to
the P.M. has so far gone unanswered) and ask that our human rights processes
be strengthened to the point that they are actually useful.


3 thoughts on “Racism Alive and Thriving in the RCMP & the SPP?

  1. If “racist behaviour” is allowed to exist inside a police organization; that “racist behaviour” will eventually makes its way to the citizens on the street.

  2. I am a serving member of the RCMP and I thoroughly support Sgt. BRAR for his courage to see this important issue through. Racism does exist in the RCMP and only the public powers can change them. One only needs to look at the demography of the RCMP and ask why the vast majority of qualified, experienced, educated, tried tested and proven visible minority RCMP officers occupy the lowest ranks of the RCMP. This is disgusting sytemic discrimination by any public standard and completely unacceptable by any ethical, moral or legal standard. How can a federal organization charged with the responsibility of ensuring justice for all allow this to continue? Shame on all of you. Start living by the rules. You have run out of excuses.

  3. yup – same ol RCMP – can’t teach an old dog new tricks. As for old horses…well, they get sent to the glue factory.

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