Security(?)! and Prosperity for whom?

I almost missed this one! The SPP and North American Union keep forging along, with old sexist language, to boot!

North American Forum 2007 agenda

Under the Joint Chairmanship of:
The Hon. George Shultz, Former U.S Secretary of State
The Hon. Peter Lougheed, Former Premier of Alberta
The Hon. Pedro Aspe, Former Finance Minister of Mexico

but working hard to co-opt progressive language:

North American Cooperation and Community

And it sent its participants home with inspiration:

This year, the North American Forum discussed:

– Strategic dimensions of the North American security and prosperity partnership (with Homeland Security and Canada Border Services Agency participation)
– Investing in competitiveness: new ideas and options for infrastructure, borders and business – Public/private partnerships, municipal bonds and border development
– NAFTA at 15: where do we go from here? – How to “create a North American Community?
– The social agenda of North American integration – Migration and development
– Energy in North America – Security, rationalization and climate change

Guest panellists included some familiar faces:

– David O’Reilly, CEO, Chevron Corporation
– Luis de la Calle, former Undersecretary of Trade
– Anne McLellan, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada
– Carla Hills, Chairman & CEO, Hills & Co.
– Tom d’Aquino, Canadian Council of Chief Executives
– Ron Covais, President, The Americas, Lockheed Martin Corp.

Gotta wonder what it was the RCMP and Canadian military types brought home, eh? EXTREME VIOLENCE WARNING: Police States R Us


One thought on “Security(?)! and Prosperity for whom?

  1. I’d say that much of the work done by Homeland Security, Canada Border Services Agency, and Anne McLellan, sponsor of Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Law, help create the climate that led to the tragic death of Robert Dziekanski.

    We need some talented Canadians to make something like this:

    Our version should not only highlight who the architects/politicians are but should include gut wrenching footage of Afghan victims, Arar’s testimony, agent provocateurs at the SPP protests, and Robert Dziekanski’s pleas for help before being taken down by the RCMP.

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