Uranium, health, and investment

It seems that the residents of Port Hope, ON have taken a page out of the book of workers at the Apollo and Parks nuclear facilities in the USA. From globeandmail.com and following that, a blurb from Howe Street.com, the “source for market opinion,” on uranium investments.

Port Hope activists call on Health Canada to study alleged uranium contamination



Health Canada needs to fund a thorough study of residents of Port Hope, Ont., to investigate whether exposure to uranium is causing illnesses, says a local community group that conducted its own testing and detected what it says are elevated levels of the dangerous element in a number of residents.

Faye More, chair of the Port Hope Community Health Concerns Committee, told a news conference yesterday that the costs of a study should be covered by the federal department, but the design should be under the control of local residents.

The group released the results of tests yesterday of nine people who had either worked in Port Hope’s nuclear-processing businesses or lived near the plants, and who were checked for the amount of uranium in their bodies. Although it was a relatively small number of people, the testing found that five of them had uranium levels substantially above two test subjects who didn’t have Port Hope exposures. One child had readings three times higher than the average of the two so-called controls, while one of the adults had levels eight times the controls, according to the group.

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Meanwhile, investors are not talking about ethical issues around uranium. Instead, they’re talking tactical investing. That just makes my skin crawl.

We are at the beginning stages of a massive bidding war in Uranium. China is locking in massive deals in Africa and is now working on ever bigger deals in Kazakhstan which holds the worlds second largest reserves of Uranium after Australia. Note to that China signed a multi billion dollar uranium deal with Australia. China is basically locking up Uranium supplies, which means its taking this uranium out of the market place; this effectively means that there will be even less uranium for the rest of the global world players to go after. Now this development alone is bad enough but the situation worsens; Russia which has more than enough uranium has decided to start stock piling on uranium too. They have done this after declaring that Uranium is now a strategic resource and will only be exported in limited quantities. Once again the following news story will best illustrate our point

“This new agreement will allow the supply of Australian uranium for use in Russia’s civil nuclear power industry and provide a framework for broader cooperation on peaceful nuclear-related activities,” he said. Both Howard and Putin dismissed concerns that Russia would sell Australian uranium to third countries such as Iran.

“I simply don’t understand what people are talking about,” Putin said, pointing out that Russia already exports large quantities of enriched uranium for military use, including 30 tonnes a year to the United States. “We are buying uranium from Australia for purely economic reasons,” he said. Full Story

Purely economic reasons and why not; Putin is a smart man he knows that in the future nations will be desperately begging for this valuable commodity and he also knows that he who controls the keys to the energy market controls the world. One other thing to note here is that Russia supplies the US with over 30 tonnes a year of uranium; Russia could cut these supplies on a moments notice especially now that the relationship between these two former cold war enemies has turned rather frosty as of late.

Bottom line is the Uranium bull is one that is going to be driven by the two most powerful forces in the universe and such a development is very rare and provides the astute investor with a window of opportunity that usually presents itself only once in a persons life time. The two forces are fear and greed; usually one of them is enough to produce massive moves but in the near future both of them will be working in unison instead of against each other. This is one of the main reasons why it’s almost impossible to predict how high uranium prices could eventually trade at. Right now the uranium sector has been beaten down and many individuals have given up on this sector as some stocks have truly taken a massive beating. Remember at TI we view disaster as opportunity waiting to be discovered and thus our advice to all our subscribers is to make sure you hold positions in all the various uranium plays that are listed in our portfolios and hold them through thick and thin or until we advise you to unload them. Those that do so will be handsomely rewarded and those that don’t well in the years to come they will most likely shed tears of blood as they wonder what possessed them to let such a wonderful opportunity pass them by. Do not let this opportunity slip by you.

Yes, that’s it, investors.  Make money no matter the cost, human or otherwise!


One thought on “Uranium, health, and investment

  1. Here’s another article you might find interesting touting Thorium as the next nuclear fuel and Canada’s role through the AECL of developing the technology and as rumour has it near a deal to sell a CANDU ARC-1000 fueled by Thorium in Europe. Apart from the inability to weaponize thorium it is 3 times more abundant than Ur which will make it the finacial benificiary of the Uranium bull market.


    If there was an ETF that got people a good rate of return on slavery, torture, pain, people would buy it.

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