X Marks the Spot

It’s E-Day in Sask and for the second or third provincial election running, I’m not working anyone’s campaign.

I’m a disgruntled voter.

The Liberals and the Sask Party are way too far to the right for my liking.  Besides that, Brad Wall scares me, and did long before the NDP came up with their stupid election ads.  And that brings me to the next party on the list, the NDP, which Politics’n’Poetry gave up on long ago, after party brass rammed through a pro-nuke policy on the convention floor.  It was placed in the  economics batch of issues and not in the environment batch.  How convenient!  Bah. Ptooey!  Left a bad taste in my mouth, but they did come close to wooing me back with talk of electoral reform.  As usual with the provincial NDP, it is too little too late.  The twits.

Anyway, my vote is not going orange.  So, with the  three mainstream parties off the ballot, so to speak, I’m making my vote a protest vote.  I’m going Green.  I won’t be doing that federally, however.  E. E. May scares me, too.


2 thoughts on “X Marks the Spot

  1. Hello. I’m glad to find your blog- feminists are so spread out up here it’s easy to get lonely! And I know what you mean about May, she made those weird comments about abortion, I feel like she’s a little untrustworthy.
    Anyway, keep writing!

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