International Day of Actions on Burma

The three simple actions suggested below come from the author of The White Umbrella: A Woman’s Struggle for Freedom in Burma (website has been tricky, here’s an alternate site). The book tells the life story of Sao Hearn Hkam who had been Princess of Hsenwi, Mahadevi of Yawnghwe, former First Lady of Burma, Member of Parliament, Founder of the Shan State Army, and refugee.

Saturday is an International Day of Action on Burma. Here are three simple things you can do today:

Sign the online petition to Chinese President Hu Jintao and the UN Security Council

Send a letter of protest to Foreign Minister Nyan Win:

Donate to Burma Issues/Peaceways International’s grassroots peacebuilding efforts:

The images we have seen on TV and the Internet are but a small glimpse of what people have been enduring in Burma every single day throughout the country for decades – the difference is that this time the beatings and arrests were televised. Please take a moment today to stand up for the people of Burma.

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