American Native Women Mark Autumn in Nuclear Shadows

This article, about diabetes and radiation in the communities around Los Alamos National [Nuclear Weapons] Laboratory, does not discuss the known link between radiation and diabetes. Still, it’s worth reading because it shows what man-made radiation from weaponized Uranium has done to the health of our indigenous peoples. And, it shows the strength, power, and wisdom of women getting together in solidarity.

Some links that show the connection between radiation and diabetes follow the article.

from Women’s eNews

Native Women Mark Autumn in Nuclear Shadows
Run Date: 10/04/07

By Laura Paskus
WeNews correspondent Marking the start of autumn, women from six native communities gathered near Los Alamos National Laboratory to discuss their concerns about nuclear contamination, type-II Diabetes and the near extinction of traditional midwifery. Gathering 4 Mother E.A.R.T.H.POJOAQUE, N.M. (WOMENSENEWS)–Along the edges of the low, earthen wall that sets off the dancing grounds, vendors and activists assembled their tables.

Children ran back and forth through the grass and yellow-blooming chamisa while tribal elders, Anglo teens with dreadlocks and mothers of all ages and hues mingled.

This was the most recent Gathering for Mother Earth, which last month marked the first day of autumn for the 11th year in a row in the shadows of the U.S. facility that makes triggers for nuclear warheads.

Sponsored by Tewa Women United, an inter-tribal, inter-generational group of native women, the event took place off a winding, sandy road in the juniper-studded hills in the shadow of Los Alamos National Laboratory, the U.S. maker of nuclear warhead triggers.

At one table, Shannya Sollitt, told Women’s eNews about her highest hopes for the Los Alamos Peace Project, the name she gives her own personal efforts–such as designing and distributing postcards for voters to send to elected officials. Sollitt said she dreams of persuading the federal government to reallocate the billions of dollars it spends on its nuclear weapons arsenal toward the development of renewable and sustainable technologies.

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Diabetes and Radiation Connection:

Help the US become Radiation Free by 2033!

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