Action in Ottawa

I have pulled the following from the comments section of this post in the hope that a few more Ottawa folks might see it and be motivated to go to the meeting. It’s great that folks are organizing to support the Algonquin people in their struggle against uranium mining.

Tomorrow night in Ottawa, there will be an inaugural meeting of the COMMUNITY COALITION AGAINST MINING URANIUM: THE OTTAWA CHAPTER

There will be a meeting held for those who are interested in forming an anti-uranium mining protest group in Ottawa.

WHEN: Wednesday October 3rd, 2007 6:30-8 pm
WHERE: CUPE National offices, 20 James St.(downtown)
MORE INFO: Contact Karen at or (613) 228-9800

This meeting is in response to the proposed mine in Frontenac County approx. 115 km sw from Ottawa and the protest by the Algonquin people. See

I would like to propose at this meeting that we organize a reading in Ottawa. It sure would be timely. I have never done this before, so please let me know what might be involved. I see that in Regina there is going to be a non-nuclear benefit…. Give that we are a fledgling group and the time is NOW, that sounds like a great idea as well.

Michelle Landry

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