Sharbot Lake Uranium Mystery

Hey Ontario, before you go to the polls maybe you should read up on the Sharbot Lake mystery, starting with this:

Frontenac never specifically stated how they got this permit from the Ontario government or how this colonial interloper ever gained the right to give anyone such a permit. Even in cases where there have been treaties, Canada’s Indian Affairs department has usually recognized that the indigenous peoples retain underground mineral rights. In this case, the Algonquins never surrendered the land in question. Ontario’s authority is based on pure presumption. It looks like outrighttheft from the Algonquins, who are being kept in the dark.

from:  The Answer, My Friend, is Glowing in the Wind…unravelling the Sharbot Lake Uranium mystery over at Harper Valley


5 thoughts on “Sharbot Lake Uranium Mystery

  1. For more info on two important events being held on September 28th, 2007 in Ottawa

    Sharbot Ardoch Canoe Protest
    Victoria Island – 10 am to 12 noon – The Final portage with canoes from Victoria Island to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. A Proclamation will be read by Chief Willam Commanda that Uranium mining will not be allowed on First Nations land.

    Power to Choose Ottawa Forum on Ontario’s Energy Future
    (Special panel on the uranium issue)

    More info at:

  2. This is for George White the owner of Frontenac Ventures Corporation.
    irony kills **
    Isolate the lonely
    Discriminate the meek
    Rape and pillage mother earth
    That bitch is fucking weak
    Instigate the killer-beez
    Poor gasoline on the fires
    Massacre the trees
    Bow down to the liars
    McDonald’’s for every meal
    Fuck everything organic
    Genetically modify everything
    Spread chaos causing panic
    Suffocate emotion
    Perpetuate the sickness
    Abolish every feeling
    Fuck You

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