NAFTA Superhighway: Fact or Myth

Updated to add this story, North American Union Drivers License Created  which quite nicely fits with this piece I posted last night.

As a means of maintaining my sanity, I have been trying to focus my blogging on the uranium issue. But this, from the Financial Post, just begs for a response (and the two issues are probably interconnected, if you dig deeply enough).

Anyway, the President of the NASCO SuperCorridor is so desperate to keep that project separate from NAFTA that he has had to denounce people like me. Apparently, by linking NAFTA and the NASCO SuperCorridor, I am perpetrating a myth. I think he is trying out a new adaptation of a trick the former Saskatchewan Tory cabinet minister and convicted murderer, Colin Thatcher, used: deny, deny, deny.


Highway myths

Fringe Groups Cultivate The Myth Of A Planned ‘NAFTA Superhighway,’ Diverting Attention From The Crumbling Highways That Already Exist

George Blackwood, Financial Post

Published: Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well, if he and the Financial Post say so, then by gosh and by golly, it must be true!

Interestingly, there is a letter on a listserv archive which calls said highway the NAFTA Superhighway. That letter is dated June 1998.

My heartiest congratulations go out to the North America's Superhighway
Coalition, its Board of Directors

There is another letter just a little further down on the same archive page:

        Dear Fellow Former Colleagues at David A. Dean & Associates/Dean

International, Inc.         Founding Consultants to the North America's Superhighway Coalition, formerly

known as

        The Interstate Highway 35 Corridor Coalition

Now really, what’s a girl to think? Especially when she reads further in that letter and sees this:

the trade corridor program was funded with $700
million in Contract Authority (these are "real dollars" as opposed to a
simple authorization which must go through the appropriations process).

        The I-35 corridor is the strongest and most organized of the corridor
initiatives so, if we play our cards right, we stand to get a part of the $700

One has to wonder if Mr. Blackwell is more concerned about his own pocketbook than he is about what is best for the citizens in each of the countries involved in this project. How stupid do they really think we are?

Hmm…we have the NAFTA Superhighway head honcho, the President of the United States of America, and Prime Minister Harper all in some kind of deny, deny, deny mode since their love-in in Montebello. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “NAFTA Superhighway: Fact or Myth

  1. I have some more info, all interesting, some from dubious sources:

    NAFTA, Immigration, North American Union
    Super-Corridor to oblivion

    Henry Lamb

    Monday, July 31, 2006

    There is growing concern about the proposed “Super-Corridor” from the Southern tip of Mexico to Canada. The project, underway for more than a decade, is just now being introduced to the public. And the public doesn’t like what they are hearing.”

    And this has a lot of info:

    The planned 3rd summit (in Canada I think) of SPP is 6/26/07-6/29/07 or 8/07. At this meeting will be Canadian PM Stephen Harper , Mexican Pres. Calderon & Bush.

    NAFTA is the predecessor of the NAU. The NAFTA Superhwy. , or trans-TX corridor, is part of the broader plan of the SPP. One principle player in this is a Spanish construction co. called Cintra, which plans to build the hwy. & operate it as a toll-road. Cintra is an international operator of toll roads & car parks. Roads operated by Cintra include Hwy.407(Ontario) , Chicago Skyway, Indiana Toll Road & numerous roads in Spain, Portugal & Ireland.

    In the research I’ve done I’ve found the following info about this Superhighway:

    (1) It is a (10) lane, (400)yd. wide highway from the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas (port on Pacific side of Mexico) up to & across US border , all the way into Canada (Bypassing all unionized ports in US). Within the median strip dividing north & south car & truck lanes, would be rail lines for both passenger & freight train traffic, & oil & gas pipelines.

    (2) Container ships from China would unload @ Lazaro Cardenas (port named for the Mexican President who nationalized all US oil co. in 1938). From there, trucks with Mexican drivers would run fast-lanes into US; hauling their cargo to a US customs inspection terminal in Kansas City, MO. From there, the trucks would fan out across America or on into Canada.

    (3) First leg of NAFTA Superhwy. scheduled to begin in 2007.

    (4) Beneficiaries of this NAFTA Superhighway project would be the contractors who built it (Spanish construction co. called Cintra), & the importers & outlet stores for the Chinese manufactured goods that would come flooding in.

    (5) Losers would be US longshoremen, truckers, manufacturers & taxpayers.
    The US taxpayer would pay the costs of building the highway in Mexico & the US.

    This is HIGH TREASON and an OUTRAGE!!!

    The stated target date for full implementation of the NAU is 2010 (“Building a North American Community”, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), pg.2, 2005).

    The NAU plan is headed to Congress this fall by Sept. 30, 2007. A powerful think-tank (Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) , chaired by former Sen. Sam Nunn & guided by trustees including Richard Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harold Brown, William Cohen & Henry Kissinger, is in the final stages of preparing a report to the White House & US Congress on the benefits of integrating US, Mexico & Canada into one political, economic & security bloc. The Bush/Cheney adm., the global elite & the large corp. are planning on having @ least the economic part of the NAU plan fully in place & operational by 2010.

    The final report (in English, Spanish & French) is scheduled for submission to all (3) governments by Sept. 30, 2007 according to the CSIS (check out CSIS report, ” North American Future 2025 Project”). The CSIS boast of playing a large role in the passage of NAFTA in 1994.

    The information I’ve provided only scratches the surface. However, there is something we (the American citizens) can do about this! The reading/research I’ve done indicates that this issue transcends political parties.

    Us Rep. Virgil Goode (VA), Walter Jones (NC), Ron Paul (TX) & Tom Tancredo (CO) have introduced House Concurrent Resolution 40 ( H.C.R.40) to demand that:

    (1) US should not engage in the construction of NAFTA Superhighway System.

    (2) US should not enter into a North American Union with Mexico & Canada.


    Call the Capitol Switchboard TODAY! 202-224-3121

    Tell your Senators and Representative to use their power to STOP the North American Union and the SPP!!!

    Demand that the United States Congress immediately shut down the Security and Prosperity Partnership and withdraw from NAFTA.

    We also demand, without equivocation, that the United States government, on behalf of the American people, protect American national sovereignty and stop its head-long rush into world government.

    For additional information about this cause, please visit: and

    This issue affects all of America!


    Worldnetdaily ( )
    The August Review ( )

    Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
    Bilderberg Group
    The Trilateral Commission
    Robert A. Pastor…86/posts

    SUPPORT H.C.R. 40!!!!!

  2. I have started this website so there is one place to get all of the news articles about NAFTA and the superhighway. Believe it or not the the superhighway is real.

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