New job for former Liberal MP

So, get a load of this! The former Liberal MP for Desenthe-Missinippi-Churchill in northern SK, Gary Merasty, whose resignation took effect this past Tuesday, is a new VP at the multinational uranium giant based in Saskatoon. Yes, that’s right! CAMECO scooped him from federal politics into nuclear politics. The Star-Kleenex reports:

Cameco Corp. says Gary Merasty is well-suited to take on the uranium company’s newly created position of vice-president of corporate social responsibility because of his past experiences in First Nations and federal politics.

I think this could really be interpreted to read something like,

CAMECO Corp. needs a face that will make them look good, especially in the First Nations’ communities whose lands and lives are being devastated by uranium mining in northern Saskatchewan. And it’d be helpful if this person had some political connections, too.  Mr. Merasty fits the bill.

Gary Merasty:  willing participant in the promotion of ecological racism.  (For an excellent discussion of environmental justice, including ecological racism, read this.)


4 thoughts on “New job for former Liberal MP

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility? What is that exactly? Is it not having political connections, is it not giving a shit about the health of first nations people, where always it seems uranium is mined? In Ontario, where McLiar lives, it is the be all and end all for business.
    Determinants on Health for Natives

    And so predictable are the arrests in Ontario for same.

    This is Ecoside to the People, without conscience. Ecoside in Canada: Canada’s Bureaucratic Assault on Aboriginal People

  2. If that were a civil servant, he would be slapped hard. You cannot work for an entity that is benefiting from your last position’s inside knowledge for a minimum of a year. Wasn’t the so-called “Accountability Act” suppose to address such issues?

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